Sandra Oh Has A New Horror Movie Dropping Soon & It Looks Absolutely Terrifying (VIDEO)

Definitely not a movie to watch with the lights off. 👀

Sandra Oh in her upcoming movie "Umma."

Sandra Oh in her upcoming movie "Umma."

Canadian actor Sandra Oh has a new movie coming out soon, and it looks straight-up terrifying.

The Killing Eve and Grey's Anatomy star is trying her hand at horror in the flick Umma, which will be in theatres on March 18.

According to the newly released trailer, "There is nothing scarier than becoming your mother."

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Oh stars as Amanda, a Korean immigrant who lives a quiet life on a rural American farm with her teenage daughter where they look after bees, according to IMDb.

When the ashes of her estranged Umma (the Korean word for mother) arrive, Amanda "becomes haunted by the fear of turning into her own mother."

In the trailer, a stranger approaches the house to inform Amanda of her mother's death and then hands her a box with the remains.

"Her anger will grow as long as she remains in this box," he mysteriously tells her in Korean. Before leaving, he says to her, "What kind of daughter abandons her own mother?"

When Amanda's own daughter sees the box, she questions Amanda about it.

"That's my Umma," Amanda says. "I was all she had. I remember... so much screaming. I didn't want you to know her. Some Koreans believe that life's hardships are caused by the tormented spirits of their ancestors."

Some spooky stuff starts happening, like Amanda seeing a flash of an elderly woman through her beekeeping suit, someone stepping on a baby chick, and bees swarming a window.

"Umma's here," Amanda says as someone with zombie-looking skin grabs her.

How scary!

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