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These Surreal Photos & Videos Prove Saskatchewan Is The Sunset Capital Of Canada

The "Land of the Living Skies" strikes again.
Saskatchewan Sunsets Are So Surreal & It's Basically The Sunset Capital Of Canada
Staff Writer

Saskatchewan might not be on the top of your must-travel list but it definitely should be. Known as the Land of the Living Skies, Saskatchewan sunsets are where it’s at. From bright pinks to deep purples and oranges, the province is blessed with a glamorous sunset every night. There are tons of pictures and videos of the sunsets posted online and they're too iconic not to share. 

No, you’re not looking at a painter's pallet. These images are all pictures of sunsets in Saskatchewan

The prairie provinces may oftentimes be overlooked in travel round-ups but they shouldn’t be misjudged. 

Along with some awesomely fun activities, the nightly show in the sky is worth the road trip

We aren’t lying when we say Saskatchewan gets a crazy light show every night. 

Like clockwork, the sky that seems to go on for miles changes from bright pink to orange and purple and sometimes even green. 

No matter what direction you look, you'll be greeted with a colour so vibrant you didn’t know it was possible for nature to produce.

And chances are, depending on which direction you look, you'll see a different colour. 

The nice thing about the prairie province is the lack of tall buildings and mountains.

This means that you'll get unobstructed views of the sky and the further you go outside of the city, the more you'll see. 

Keep your eyes peeled after the sun sets because the chances of seeing northern lights are high, especially if you’re out of town where light pollution is limited.

When you’re out of town and on a lake or in a field, the sunsets are that much more beautiful. 

Everything that's on earth will blackout, creating ominous silhouettes against the bright colours. 

It’s literally impossible to take a bad picture of Saskatchewan skies and no editing is required. 

But why take our word for it? Just see for yourself. 

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