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This Lighthouse In The Prairies Is Surrounded By A Sea Of Grass

Over 1,500 kilometres away from any ocean. 🌊

Feel like you are on the East Coast without leaving the prairies. You might do a double-take when you see these photos, as it isn't Peggy's Point in Nova Scotia. It is the last place you'd expect to see this because it isn't remotely close to the ocean. Instead, the super cute Cochin Lighthouse in Saskatchewan overlooks a sea of grass.

One hour and forty-minutes from Saskatoon or a four and a half hours drive from Regina; you can reach this quirky attraction. It is the only lighthouse in Saskatchewan and has no ocean in sight.

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Built on the peak of Pirot's Hill, you'll undoubtedly want to wear flat shoes to visit. The path up is a mini staircase workout, which is much easier than Vancouver's famous Grouse Grind.

To reach the lighthouse, you'll need to climb 153 steps to the top of the hill. So skip your gym session, and get a leg workout under the sunshine here instead.

While the 306 steps round trip might not seem like much, they might have you burning a sweat. The path is slightly steep and uneven in places, so you'll want to go slowly.

But, the view from the top is stunning and worth the effort.

Around the 11.5-metre tall lighthouse, you can enjoy a magnificent lookout. The viewing platform will let you see a long stretch of swaying grass, farmland, plus Murray and Jackfish Lakes.

If possible, you'll want to time your visit for early in the day to see the sunrise over Murray Lake, or at dusk for the sunset over Jackfish Lake. 

While you can't enter the working lighthouse, it is free to visit the exterior year-round.

Are you saving up for a trip to Canada's east coast? Why not stop here and enjoy a taste, until you can buy your plane ticket?

Cochin Lighthouse

Price: Free

Address: 591 Jeanne Cres., Cochin, SK

Why You Need To Go: You can satisfy your wanderlust by feeling like you are Nova Scotia without leaving the province.

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