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Grouse Grind In Vancouver: You've Never Been To The City Until You've Tried This Hike

On any given weekend in the summer, if a Vancouverite isn't at the beach they're on a mountain. The Grouse Grind in Vancouver is the most hyped, hated, and loved hike in the city. It's so much a part of the city's identity that you can't really say you've been here until you've tried it.

The intense trail will open for the season on Monday, June 22 and it's no walk in the park. Called simply "The Grind" by locals, it's a gruelling 2.9 km trail straight up the mountain.

Depending on your level of fitness and enthusiasm for the great outdoors, this is either a staircase to heaven or hell.

This year, you'll have to keep two metres away from other hikers as you go up.

Plus, when you hike up the grind you might be looking forward to the Skyride on the way down. Now, you will need a reservation for your ride down in advance. 

If you don't get that reservation in advance but you're dying to hit the grind, then you'll have to get back on their BCMC Route because you cannot hike down the grind.

How long does it take to do the grind?

It depends. According to Grouse Mountain, the official record is 23 minutes and 48 seconds. That's wild, though, and they say that the average time is more like an hour and a half.

Time yourself and then pose for a picture with the flip clock at the top to commemorate your win.

Anyone up for the grind needs to make sure they have everything they need to succeed. You're literally climbing a mountain so it can be up to 10 degrees colder at the top.

Bring your phone, water, snacks, and then give yourself enough time to get up and down before it gets dark.

Whether you've lived in the city your whole life or you're lucky enough to visit, you've probably tried this hike before.

It never seems to get any easier, but the feeling you get once you reach the top is always worth it.

Grouse Grind

Price: $15 for the ride back down the mountain

When: Opening June 22, 2020

Address: Grouse Mountain, 6400 Nancy Greene Way, North Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: It's the most "Vancouver" hike there ever was if you want to get your behind kicked by a trail.

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