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Netflix's New Blind Date Show Is Literally Wild & We Don't Know What To Think

'Sexy Beasts' gets released in Canada next month.

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'Sexy Beasts' On Netflix Is A New Dating Show & It's Truly Wild

Welcome to the summer of love! A new dating show called Sexy Beasts is being released on Netflix in Canada soon and it's literally wild.

"Real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test," the streaming service says about the reality series.

This show is meant to give people a chance to fall in love based on personality, not looks, which is why everyone gets turned into creatures for the dates.

If you want to watch a beaver, an insect, a bull, a beaver or even the devil try their hand at romance, Sexy Beasts drops in Canada on July 21.

There are a bunch of other Netflix Canada releases that will start streaming in July, including new seasons of Outer Banks and Virgin Riverand the new Fear Street trilogy.

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