If you're in the mood to shop, it's your lucky day. Simons just launched their big summer sale where men's and women's clothing and home accessories are up to 50% off.

This incredible promo runs until the end of July, but if you're eager to smash that add to cart button today, here are some cute trinkets you can buy for less than $25.

Terracotta Planter


Price: $2.99 ($5)

Details: This is unbelievably cheap, we had to do a double take when we saw the sale price. This planter is 3 inches wide and can fit a small snake plant or succulent.

$2.99 On SIMONS

Embroidered Bicycle Towels


Price: $4.99 - $12.99 ($7 - $18)

Details: These towels look too luxurious to be this affordable. A small face towel goes for $4.99 while a standard bath towel is on sale for just $12.99, and you can get a hand and guest-sized one, too.

$4.99+ On SIMONS

Morning Dew Shower Curtain


Price: $14.99 ($20)

Details: Getting a new shower curtain is an easy way to upgrade your bathroom. It has a delicate floral pattern that will add a pop of colour to the small space.

$14.99 On SIMONS

Purring Kittens Duvet Cover Set


Price: $19.99 - $49.95 ($29.95 - $59.95)

Details: Obsessed with cats? Join the club. This duvet cover is so soft and easy to care for. A queen set goes for $39.95 and it comes with two pillow shams in the same fun cat pattern.

$19.99+ On SIMONS

Bamboo Eco-Friendly Bowls


Price: $24.95 ($35)

Details: This awesome set designed by Canadian brand Danica includes five colourful bowls meant for mixing and serving food. The smallest bowl is 4.75 inches while the largest is 11 inches.

$24.95 On SIMONS

Sail Day Organic Cotton Tea Towels


Price: $1.99 ($2.75)

Details: The cheapest thing you can get on sale at Simons are tea towels for two dollars. They have a bunch of different colours but this patterned blue one is very serene and summer-like.

$1.99 On SIMONS

Antique Ceramic Hanging Planter


Price: $16.99 ($24)

Details: If you were to buy something similar at a different store, you'd be looking at a way bigger price tag. This hanging planter is such a steal for being less than twenty bucks!

$16.99 On SIMONS

Ivory Knit Cushion


Price: $19.99 ($30)

Details: How many cushions is too many cushions? The limit does not exist. This cute boho-inspired cushion is 12 x 18 and can easily be thrown on the couch or bed for extra oomph.

$19.99 On SIMONS

Automatic Soap Dispenser


Price: $24.95 ($35)

Details: You can't go wrong with having an automatic soap pump in the house. This one comes in two colours, white or black, so it all comes down to your home aesthetic.

$24.95 On SIMONS