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The First Ever Olympic Skateboarding Event Got Off To A Very Painful Start (VIDEO)

He's earned himself a gold medal for perseverance. 💪

Saturday night was a night to remember for skateboarders everywhere, as the Tokyo Olympics introduced the inaugural skateboarding event at the Summer Games.

However, it was a day to forget for one skateboarder in particular — Peru's Angelo Caro Narvaez, whose Olympic moment went viral for a very painful reason.

Narvaez almost nailed the landing from his rail grind, but he slipped up just enough that his skateboard went flying and he crashed groin-first into an unfortunately placed railing.

The great news is that Narvaez got right back up and kept skating, and even did well enough to qualify for the final event. Unfortunately, he didn't earn a medal in the first-ever skateboarding event, but he certainly made his mark on the competition.

Hopefully the competition didn't leave too much of a mark on him.

If you're an Olympian or Paralympian you might want to start getting used to wearing leggings because lululemon is officially the new outfitter of Team Canada and they'll start dressing our athletes by 2022.

In a press release, lululemon announced the partnership will start at the Winter 2022 games and continue all the way through until after the L.A. 2028 Games.

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American Paralympians and Olympians now get paid exactly the same.👇

Canada's Paralympic athletes do not get paid for winning a medal at the games, the Canadian Paralympic Committee has confirmed.

In comparison, those competing for Canada at the Olympics can get $20,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for each silver medal and $10,000 for every bronze medal.

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From the opening ceremony on August 24 to the closing ceremony on September 5 and everything in between, CBC will have daily broadcasts on TV of the action from Tokyo.

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