YouTube Skateboarder Josh Neuman Has Died Along With 3 Others In An Iceland Plane Crash

"Josh represents a side of humanity we all strive to achieve."

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YouTube Skateboarder Josh Neuman Has Died Along With 3 Others In An Iceland Plane Crash

Josh Neuman, a 22-year-old American skateboarder and popular YouTuber, died in a plane crash in Iceland on February 3.

Neuman was known for making one of the most-watched skateboarding videos on YouTube, according to the Associated Press. The U.S. influencer had more than 1.1 million followers and he often shared videos of himself skateboarding downhill and participating in extreme sports.

He was visiting Iceland last week when his sightseeing plane crashed into a lake, killing him and the other three men on board, according to The Washington Post.

The plane initially vanished without sending a distress signal, so Icelandic officials launched a 1,000-person search-and-rescue mission to find the passengers on board.

Officials used sonar technology and a submarine to locate the bodies of those on board in Thingvallavatn, the country's second-largest lake, the Post reports.

Neuman's family confirmed the news of his death in a post on his Instagram account, which has over 169,000 followers.

The statement, released by his parents and brother, said Neuman "didn't just live life, he was life, and he lived every day to the fullest extent possible while being kind to everyone."

The emotional post also shared one of his last experiences in life, where he witnessed the northern lights, giving his family comfort that he "passed doing what loved."

In a video posted with the statement, Josh can be heard saying, "Oh my gosh, this may be the best night of my life," as he looks at the northern lights lighting up the sky.

"He often spoke about chasing dreams, not following the status quo, and living each day as it is were our last. And he did just that. Josh was a doer, a dreamer and a gentle soul that saw the world through an opportunistic lens and took advantage of every moment while inspiring millions along the way."

Neuman and the crew he was with were on the flight to film content for Belgian clothing brand Suspicious Antwerp, AP reports.

The skateboarder was accompanied by the company's sponsorship manager, Tim Alings, Belgian skydiver and social media influencer Nicola Bellavia, as well as one of Iceland's most prominent pilots, Haraldur Diego.

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