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Here’s A Peek At England’s Jaw-Dropping New ‘Sky Pool’ That’s Floating Between Skyscrapers

It's completely see-through and suspended almost 115 feet in the air.

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This isn't for the faint of heart! The Sky Pool in London — a swimming pool suspended between two skyscrapers — has officially opened.

At a towering almost 115 feet above the city, it's being called the first floating pool in the world.

The Sky Pool opened on May 26 but it's not for public use. Only residents living at the Embassy Gardens development and their guests have access.

But the pool is only open to people who fully own or fully rent their apartments, according to Metro, which means some residents are priced out.

This completely see-through pool that seems like it's floating in the air spans 82 feet between two skyscrapers.

For residents and guests who go for a swim, it'll feel like they're doing the backstroke among the clouds.

The Sky Pool has been years in the making as it was first conceptualized back in 2013.

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