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Newfoundland Has A Version Of Poutine That They've Been Hiding From The Rest Of Canada

Fries, gravy and... dressing?

If you're a poutine purist, you might not like this. Newfoundland poutine is a unique version of the classic Canadian dish with an interesting ingredient.

Canada is home to many unique and tasty secrets, like a Nanaimo bar trail, a Nova Scotia ice cream flavour, a winter cocktail and more.

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A Restaurant In St. John's Is Filled With Mannequins So People Don't Get Too Close

Those are some interesting dining companions.

This takes the dining experience to a whole new level. The JAG Hotel in St. John's is getting creative when it comes to ensuring physical distancing at its restaurant. Now people will be dining next to mannequins.

Located in downtown St. John's, this boutique hotel is finally allowed to let people back into Exile, its in-house restaurant, again.

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8 Unreal Canadian Tattoo Artists You Need To Get Inked By

Insane body art.

No doubt there is a LOT of talent in Newfoundland, especially when it comes to the arts.  Specifically tattoo artists. Tattoos are a beautiful form of art that generally carry a lot of meaning so you wanna be sure you choose the right person so that you can love your body art. 

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7 Waterfront Restaurants In St. John's With Views That Will Amaze You

Views from the 709 are summer goals!

The only thing that can make a dinner date better is an amazing view. Given that Newfoundland is an island, the downtown area in St. John's has some amazing restaurants near the harbour. 

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You Need To Try These 6 Places In St. John's If You're Vegan/Vegetarian

Eat your way through the 709

These unique eateries provide you with endless options other than a plate of veggies and tofu.  If you've just made the decision to stop eating animal products, or have been committed for years, here are some of the best vegan/vegetarian options you need to try in St. John's.

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7 Ridiculously Good Milkshakes You Need To Try In St. John’s

Time to bring ALL the boys to your yard.

Is it cheat day yet? Does it even matter when the sun's up and the city has some of the most creamy and delicious milkshakes around? It doesn’t matter what type of milkshake you're into— you'll probably be able to find it here in the St. John’s area. Get ready, these delicious milkshakes will have everyone in your yard.

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Bourbon in your milkshake? No problem. Is soft serve is your preference, no sweat. Prefer your shake simple and classic... we found the place! Here are some of the tastiest milkshakes you can find in St. John's and the perfect way to cool down and chill out this summer. 

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