These places will make your skin crawl. If you're one of those people who love the heebeegeebees then you're going to love this article. St. John's is the oldest city in Canada and with that comes a boat load of paranormal activity and freaky sightings. The streets of downtown St. John's is home to many spirits and phantoms who lurk around corners, nest in ancient buildings, hide in windows and often try to reach out to the living.

The tales of the dead have spread around the community and they're no secret to the locals. Some would argue all of downtown St. John's is haunted but of course some places more than others. So we've comprised a list of the most bone chilling places. If you're used to walking home at night you might want to reroute if you have to pass by these haunted places.

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1. The Grace Hospital Nursing Residence

The name says it all, you can only imagine what is lurking around. Opened in September, 1923, it had up to 100 beds and was eventually Newfoundlands second nursing school. Unfortunately, with the new expansion of the Health Science Centre the Grace closed in 2000. Eight years later much of the building was demolished and the only piece left standing is the Nursing Residence. Personally I have heard strange things occur on the property that has given me chills to this day.

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2. Masonic Temple

Built over a hundred years ago, it's now home to Spirit of Newfoundland. An appropriate name for this ancient piece of architecture. Several stories float around the city of strange occurrences of the dead. One worth mentioning comes from a caretaker of the temple. He recollects experiences that has left an eery impression on him over the years. Looking for his phone one sunny afternoon he backs into something he thought was a person. He quickly realized what he thought was a person quickly vanishes before his eyes. Needless to say he wasn't alone like he thought he was that afternoon.

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3. LSPU Hall

Everyone loves a show at the LSPU hall. But even if you're going solo, you may not be going alone. It's a well known fact that the LSPU Hall is haunted considering it was established in the 1700's. Although this doesn't seem to bother many of the people who attend the fabulous shows hosted there. Over the years there have been some haunted tales that have become very popular. One in particular being the reoccurrence of a man sitting in the main theatre while performances are ongoing. Then of course, vanishing into thin air. Along with the eery footsteps walking up the stairs, dark shadows lurking the halls, loud clatters and the best of them all — voices. But don't let this stop you from seeing some of the best shows performed in St. John's. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to see another show whether you wanted to or not!

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4. Newman Wine Vaults

Built in the early 19th century, which means it more than likely has a lot of "friends" hanging around. This place in particular has photographic evidence of a mysterious figure in the midst of a wedding photoshoot taking place in the vaults. Over the years it has had high paranormal activity. Some stories claim to see figures, being pinched or pushed around by spirits there. Some believe there to be an ghost of an African slave and child. Although there is not way to prove this to be true. There is defiantly something eerie going on down in the vaults.

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5. 290 Duckworth St.

Duckworth street is one of the oldest streets in St. John's. So it's no surprise the amount of haunted places located on the strip. 290 Duckworth street was built in 1890's and was home to a wide variety of owners. One of the first being a doctors office where surgeries took place, soon after a funeral parlour, then an inn called Victoria Station Inn, a restaurant and coffee bar. Years later a restaurant called Chez Briann restaurant took it over for a while. Now it is presently home to the Reluctant Chef. Over the years the stories grow of paranormal sightings and activity. Some of the phantoms seen there were reportedly a young woman paralyzed with coins over here eyes. Another super creepy sighting was of a woman with a long barbed scar from an autopsy. Believe what you want but both of them are enough to scare the pants off ya!

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6. Christians Pub

Known for their screeching, but back in the day there was a different kind of screeching. One of the many haunted bars and pubs located downtown. Christians pub has many stories to tell because it's the oldest pub on George street. They don't hide that they are haunted, in fact they embrace it. They have nicknamed the ghost Maggie and says she's a female. Although sometimes she gets a little wild and rowdy behind the bar damaging bar equipment. Good ole' Maggie.

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7. Duck of Duckworth

It's no secret that ghosts and phantoms sneak around the The Duke. It has been said that a ghost appears in the window above the entranceway. An artist captured the spirt of the Duke of Duckworth hanging in the window which is located in the bar. But don't be afraid of the Duke's ghost. Go have a pint and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones to catch a glimpse of him.

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8. Majestic Theatre

The "flat iron building" of St. John's is home to an old theatre. Constructed in 1918 this building is where many hangings took place — gruesome right? Because of this it's not surprising that it's totally haunted. Some people say they have heard screaming of hanged men who also moan and move objects. Not the spot you want to hang out in the middle of the night.

9. Anglican Cathedral Graveyard on Church Hill

An unmarked graveyard will send shivers down your spine. Now the churches court yard, it's estimated that 6000 people are buried there. If that doesn't give you goose bumps then I don't know what does. The Anglican Cathedral is also the starting place of the well known haunted hike. If you're looking for something fun and interesting it's worth every dime. Among all the forgotten bodies that lie around the church, there is one worth mentioning. During the completion of the cathedral a worker fell to his death from scaffolding. The photo above is in the archives of the church, the group of workers including the ghost of the dead worker (to the far left.)

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10. The Four Sisters

In 1893 these four houses were built known today as the four sisters. The same architect who built Cabot tower built these for his four daughters as wedding gifts. Similar to Cabot tower the same stone was used. Later on a family named the Murphy's moved into the house and had no idea they would already have company. Not long after they noticed something bothering their young child Madeline. Waking up in the wee hours of the night screaming but not long after laughing and giggling. They eventually nicknamed the the spirit the ghostly babysitter. One afternoon they finally came to a conclusion of who their babysitter was. It was one of the daughters of the architect by the name of Genie. She eventually became ill and died looking out through the window.

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11. Sutherland's Place

One of the most haunted homes in the city dating back to 1883. This historic home is full of ghosts and brings a whole new meaning to "the old hag." It has been said that a women awoke in the wee hours of the night with a woman — "the old hag" peering over her. Needless to say I wouldn't recommend staying a night in there!