Canadian Restaurants Spent Nearly Half A Million Bucks On 'Pandemic-Specific' Changes

98% of restaurants reported badly impacted revenue.
Canadian Restaurants Spent Nearly Half A Million Bucks On 'Pandemic-Specific' Changes

Many Canadian businesses have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic hardships that came along with it.

To make matters worse, it appears that Canadian restaurants dished out some serious cash on pandemic measures in the form of nearly half a million dollars, as reported by Retail Insider.

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$490,000 Spent on pandemic related precaution 

Fifteen Group, hospitality industry experts, put up a survey for their clients to get a better grasp on how the restaurant biz is weathering the pandemic.

The survey reportedly found that clients spent nearly half a million dollars on "pandemic-specific operational changes" which totalled $490,000.

What’s more, the data also showed that 98% of the restaurants surveyed had their revenue badly impacted too, in which three-quarters of those reported over a 50% decline.

Additionally, they also found that 93% of restaurants laid off their workers.

Still, there were some silver linings in all of this as many restaurants adapted to their unforeseen circumstances and made the best of it.

That’s because 56% of establishments raised their outdoor capacity, 40% started their own delivery services and 60% used food delivery apps.

And in the end, 80% said their customers have supported them through these difficult changes.  

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