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Kiehl's Is Shutting Down A Bunch Of Its Stores All Over Canada In 2021

Its a coast-to-coast shutdown!
Kiehl's Is Shutting Down A Bunch Of Its Stores All Over Canada In 2021

Kiehl's is permanently shutting down several stores across Canada in 2021. 

The New York City-based beauty and skincare brand will be bidding farewell to eight of its 24 Canadian stores to focus on its online presence, prioritize major retail partnerships, and reduce the costs associated with leases, according to Retail Insider

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8 Kiehl’s locations shutting down in Canada

Kiehl’s will be closing stores in major cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, London, and Halifax, per the report.

In Ontario, three standalone stores will be closing forever this year including the Kiehl’s located at 2518 Yonge Street in Toronto, the location at the Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket and CF Masonville store in London.

Montreal will see two stores closing soon in CF Carrefour Laval and at Quartier DIX30.

In Vancouver, people can expect to say goodbye to the Kiehl’s location at Coquitlam Centre, luckily the only store closing in B.C.

Finally, another location will close in Halifax Shopping Centre.

With eight stores saying goodbye for good, Kiehl’s will continue on with just 16 locations all over Canada.

That's made up of several locations in Ontario, one location in Quebec, five in Vancouver, three in Alberta and one in Manitoba. 

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