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bruce peninsula

Oh, Canada, did you know that there are 48 designated national parks across the country? As if it weren't already overwhelming trying to narrow down your travel list these days, this list of must-see parks won't help with that Canadian travel FOMO.

But, whether the parks on this list inspire FOMO or motivate you to make moves on that next trip, here's one must-see national park for each province and territory — Oh, Canada indeed.

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Fall hiking seems to be just another one of those quintessential Canadian activities. What better way to help you make the most of your cross-Canada travel bucket list? Not only is hiking affordable, but from coast to coast Canada boasts some truly incredible trails whose views really peak in the fall.

So, dig out those sweaters, vests and boots because here are iconic fall hikes from each province to get you excited for the season.

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Bruce Peninsula is one of Ontario's greatest natural wonders. In recent years, the site has become a popular tourist attraction, with people from all over the world visiting it for its pure aquamarine waters and breathtaking scenery. 

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Tobermory has become one of the most popular destinations in Ontario in recent years. The cozy town, which sits a the edge of the gorgeous Bruce Peninsula, is brimming with natural wonder and history — Indian Head Cove, Cyprus Lake Grotto, Flowerpot Island and the shipwrecks of Big Tub Harbour are just a few of the countless attractions to be explored there.

Most road trippers from Toronto make a straight journey without any stops. But those seeking a more fulfilling trip should consider visiting some of the cool provincial sites along the way. Here's a guide of the coolest road trip you'll ever go on from Toronto to Tobermory:

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Ontario is blessed with so many beautiful sights and locations. From majestic parks to charming small towns, there's much to explore in the province. But of the many great places to visit, one of them stands out in particular - a beautiful island cradled by the almighty waters Lake Huron.

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