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It's not every day that you look outside a see a bobcat casually slinking through your yard.

The rare sighting was actually caught on video by a woman in B.C., who noticed the wild cat outside of her window.

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Two grizzly bears in B.C. just woke up from their winter hibernation and they are ready to take on the world with big smiles on their faces.

Photos of the massive bears were captured as they came out of their longest hibernation period since their arrival at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver as cubs over 20 years ago.

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In what might be the cutest thing ever, a little goat decided to hop on a horse's back for a ride, and now they actually do it all the time.

The owner of the farm, which is located in B.C., walked outside one day to find something pretty unusual happening between Arret, the goat, and his bigger buddy named Bouge.

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We are in tears because of how cute the Winnipeg police's new service dogs are.

When we say dogs, we mean absolutely tiny puppies.

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Can you think of a better way to kick off June than by spending your day petting baby animals? We sure can't. (Also, if your significant other happens to love animals, this is basically the cutest date idea ever. You're welcome.)

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