A Wild Bobcat Strolled Into Someone's Backyard In BC & The Video Is Adorable

"A rare sighting in Vancouver!"

A wild bobcat. Right: A bobcat walking on a ledge.

A wild bobcat. Right: A bobcat walking on a ledge.

It's not every day that you look outside a see a bobcat casually slinking through your yard.

The rare sighting was actually caught on video by a woman in B.C., who noticed the wild cat outside of her window.

Ashlea Spitz posted a video of her uninvited guest to Instagram, with the caption: "Our resident Canadian Bobcat popped by our house for a visit today. A rare sighting in Vancouver!"

Spitz told Narcity that she was sitting in her home office on a Saturday when she spotted the bobcat outside.

She said she immediately realized this wasn't a regular cat, so she jumped up and opened her door to start filming.

"He peered through one of our planters, and when he saw me, it appeared that he was going to head back into the woods behind our house," she said.

Instead, the bobcat decided to turn and head back the other way, after hearing Spitz's dogs barking.

"He quickly darted over to the neighbour's yard where he disappeared into the brush," she said.

Seeing wildlife is not out of the norm for the West Vancouver resident, but this was actually a unique spotting.

Spitz said that she lives next to Brother's Creek and has seen bears, deer and coyotes in her backyard — but never a bobcat. She actually didn't even know that these wild cats lived in the area.

While the rare sighting was pretty exciting for her, she did put up barriers in her yard to keep her dogs safe from the B.C. wildlife.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.