These BC Grizzly Bears Finally Woke Up After Their 'Longest' Hibernation Yet & It's So Cute

Look at them play! 🐻

A bear playing in the snow. Right: A bear smiling and walking.​
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A bear playing in the snow. Right: A bear smiling and walking.

Two grizzly bears in B.C. just woke up from their winter hibernation and they are ready to take on the world with big smiles on their faces.

Photos of the massive bears were captured as they came out of their longest hibernation period since their arrival at Grouse Mountain in Vancouver as cubs over 20 years ago.

The two bears, named Grinder and Coola, live at Grouse Mountain's Refuge for Endangered Wildlife.

After one very long sleep, the bears looked wide awake and ready to greet the world.

According to the Grouse Mountain website , the bears came out of their rest on April 28, and it was "the bears' longest since their arrival at Grouse Mountain, surpassing last year's record by one day."

Grinder was rescued back in 2001 from Invermere, B.C. He was found dehydrated by himself on a logging road when the rescue took him in. Now, he is healthy and enjoys play-fighting with his pen-mate Coola.

Coola was found the same year near Bella Coola, B.C. He was the only one in his litter to survive after his mother was killed by a truck, so the rescue took him in. Fast-forward to today: Coola is super happy in his home and loves to play in the sanctuary's large pond with his "bath toys," the website says.

It's so great to see these two bears were brought together in their mutual time of need and are now leading very happy lives on Grouse Mountain.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
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