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One of the best things about living in a city like Toronto is that, at any given time, there are thousands of new activities to try, flavours to taste and views to take in.

While it can be easy to go through the motions of your usual daily routine, getting out of your comfort zone and exploring your options is an important part of living life to its fullest.

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Whether you're from the 6ix or not, there are certain iconic spots in Toronto that are pretty much Ontarian rites of passage.

If there are must-experience Toronto activities you haven’t gotten to already, it’s high time to check them off your bucket list. To help you do that, Destination Toronto is challenging residents of Ontario to a massive game of Never Have I Ever this summer.

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Toronto is filled with impressive sights from the largest museum in Canada to a concert venue where some of the world’s biggest artists perform.

But when Narcity asked readers to admit which of these iconic spots they've never been to, the results were surprising. So many people have never visited some of Toronto’s biggest landmarks, like the Art Gallery of Ontario or Casa Loma.

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The sun’s shining in the city and Toronto’s bursting with a vibrant energy that can only mean one thing: summer is here.

This beloved season is so sweet but so short, which is why making the most of these balmy months in Canada ought to be at the top of your to-do list.

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From a classic eggs benny to shakshuka with feta, Toronto knows how to do brunch right.

It can be tempting to hit up your fave neighbourhood café week after week, but with all the amazing restaurants available to you, it’d be downright criminal not to shake up your routine every once in a while.

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