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Have you ever tried ordering food through artificial intelligence in a drive-thru?

A TikToker posted his experience with using AI in a McDonald’s drive-thru and the system hilariously failed both times to get the orders right, although it doesn't deserve all the blame.

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Whether you’re hungry or running on a tight schedule, every minute counts when you’re going through a drive-thru at McDonald's, Burger King or whatever fast-food joint is on the way.

The 22nd annual Drive-Thru Study from QSR and Intouch Insights evaluated 1,500 orders at some of the largest fast-food restaurants in the U.S., and it's clear from the results that some of these fast-food joints are faster than others.

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An early morning coffee run ended in someone's arrest on Monday following an alleged drive-thru altercation.

According to Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), members of the Quinte West Detachment charged an individual after the person allegedly assaulted employees of a Trenton business.

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Should you be guilt-tripped into continuing a random act of kindness at Starbucks, or is it better to put your foot down and chose when you want to "pay it forward?"

One TikTok user argues that if you're being forced into doing a kind act, it loses its purpose — and she doesn't care if people disagree.

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Vancouver's most popular drive-thru restaurants were just ranked, and the top ones might surprise you!

Every city had different drive-thrus that were their go-to spots for casual eats, and Vancouver's top one was pretty basic. If you've seen the lineups around the block — you probably already know, Starbucks is Vancouver's favourite!

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