A TikToker Used ChatGPT To Get Her Money Back At Aritzia & People Are Praising The Tip

"Their return policy is absolutely ridiculous."

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​TikToker Shescutesy.

TikToker Shescutesy.

Ever had buyer's remorse and wanted to get your money back, only to realize in horror that what you bought was final sale?

A TikToker has shared a similar situation involving items she purchased from Aritzia, and showed how she used ChatGPT to get her money back.

"If Aritzia ever tells you something's final sale, and you buy it and want to exchange it, here's what you're going to do," TikToker @shescutesy said in a video posted to the app.

"I got a hoodie and sweatpants in size small and I went to exchange it for another size," she says in the clip. She explains that the associates denied the exchange saying the items were final sale.

She went on to explain that she emailed Aritzia's customer service requesting an exchange of the final sale items.

"I got it from ChatGPT," she said of the email she sent to the store.

If you're not in the know, OpenAI's ChatGPT is an artificially intelligent software model that can answer questions and generate content that's conversational and seems like it was written by a real person.

People have used the AI to write things like cover letters for jobs and even the thesis for a master's degree.

The email, which is shown in the clip, explained (in a very professional manner) that the final sale items Shescutesy had ordered "did not fit as expected."

"I kindly request that you allow me to exchange these items for medium size, as it will not result in any loss of money for your company," the email reads.


Their return policy is absolutely ridiculous fr

"So I sent that email to Aritzia and they were like 'oh yeah sure, go ahead,'" she said.

When she did go back in-store to return the items, Shescutesy explained that the items she want to exchange for were out of stock, so she was given an Aritzia gift card instead.

According to Aritzia's return policy, anything that's regularly priced can be returned for a refund within 14 days from the shipping date if you bought it online, or 10 days if you purchased it in store.

Otherwise, you can get a store credit or exchange within 30 days for online orders and 21 days for in store purchases.

Sale items purchased online, however, can only be returned for store credit if they're discounted by less than 50% — if they're half-off or more (or you bought them at an Aritzia store) they're final sale.

Many people in the comments praised the tip as a way to get around Aritzia's return policy, with some chiming in saying they had had similar experiences with returning or exchanging final sale items at the store.

"An Aritzia associate suggested a gift receipt for any final sale items so you can still get an exchange or store credit," one person wrote.

"I tried this and it worked with my bodysuit!" another said.

Some people, however, seemed to think the policy was justified.

"Yeah, that's what final sale means," one person wrote.

"How is that Aritzia's problem? You knew it was final sale when it was purchased, why would you act like they are to blame?" said another.

"This just goes to show the level of entitement people have. When I buy something online and it says final sale, that's a risk I'm taking," another comment reads.

Whether you think the return policy should have been followed or not, the video may make the case for letting ChatGPT do the hard work in life, like drafting an important email. In this case, it seemed to pay off!

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