We Asked ChatGPT To Sort Canadian Provinces Into Hogwarts Houses & Some Are So Accurate

You'll never guess who's in Slytherin. 👀🐍

​The Toronto skyline. Right: Slytherin garments at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

The Toronto skyline. Right: Slytherin garments at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

What Hogwarts house are you? If you've ever wondered this, a new artificially intelligent system has a way to determine the answer.

We asked ChatGPT which Hogwarts house the 10 Canadian provinces would be in, and the AI didn't fail to deliver some amusing results.

If you're not familiar with ChatGPT, the OpenAI system is an artificially intelligent software model that can answer questions and generate content that's conversational and seems like it was written by a real person.

You can give ChatGPT prompts and have it return things back, and people have used the model for things like writing cover letters for jobs, putting together emails even creating the thesis for a master's degree.

In this case, we asked the AI which Hogwarts houses each Canadian province would be in, and here's what it had to say.


"This house values courage, bravery, and determination," said the AI. "It is possible that provinces such as Ontario and Alberta could be sorted into Gryffindor."

According to Wizarding World, Gryffindor is "where you would find the pluckiest and most daring students."

It's often said that Gryffindors are those that need to be the centre of attention as well — with Ontario being home to Toronto, a city that you could say is the centre of attention in Canada, it may make sense for the province to be in this house.

Gryffindors also have a "tendency to act first and think later," and challenge authority, and depending on what you think of Albertans, this may seem like a fit for the province.

Additionally, ChatGPT says that Alberta's "reputation for being a fiercely independent and determined province, as well as its many contributions to the Canadian Armed Forces," could be seen as aligning with the house's traits of bravery and courage.

Likewise, the AI says that Ontario's proud athletic history and sports culture could also be seen as aligning with these traits.


"This house values intelligence, creativity, and wit," says ChatGPT.

"Provinces such as British Columbia and Quebec could be sorted into Ravenclaw."

According to Wizarding World, Ravenclaws are "often known for being quite eccentric," and, depending on your opinion of British Columbians and Quebecers, this could make sense.

"Additionally, British Columbia's emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism could be seen as aligning with Ravenclaw's creativity and intelligence," says ChatGPT.

Given that Ravenclaws also spend most of their time high above the rest in the Ravenclaw Tower at Hogwarts, it makes sense that mountainous British Columbia would be right at home in this house.

As for Quebec, the AI says that the province's "emphasis on education and the arts," could align with traits of Ravenclaw like creativity and individualism.


"This house values hard work, loyalty, and patience," ChatGPT responded.

"Provinces such as Manitoba and Saskatchewan could be sorted into Hufflepuff."

Hufflepuffs are said to be the "most humble" of all the houses, and "don’t feel the need to shout about their achievements in the same way as the others."

As Manitoba and Saskatchewan seem to be perceived as quieter provinces compared to places like Ontario and B.C., this could make them a good fit for the house.

"One could argue that Manitoba's friendly and welcoming culture, as well as its strong work ethic, aligns with the values of Hufflepuff," ChatGPT said.

As for Saskatchewan, the AI says that the province's "strong sense of community and dedication to hard work align with the values of Hufflepuff."

It also says that the provinces' "connection to the land" and nature "could be seen as aligning with Hufflepuff's patient and nurturing qualities."


Slytherin "values ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness," says ChatGPT.

"Provinces such as Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island could be sorted into Slytherin."

While many seem to think Slytherin is a place for the "bad guys," this reputation doesn't hold true.

"If the Sorting Hat placed you in this noble house, then you are most likely ambitious, shrewd and possibly destined for greatness," says Wizarding World.

"Newfoundland and Labrador's history of entrepreneurship and innovation, particularly in the fishing and oil industries, could be seen as aligning with the ambition and resourcefulness of Slytherin," said ChatGPT.

Likewise, the AI noted that Prince Edward Island's "strong entrepreneurial spirit and its growing industries in technology and agriculture," could align with the ambition of Slytherin.

ChatGPT was divided on the placement of two provinces — New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

"New Brunswick is known for its mix of natural beauty and urban development, as well as its strong cultural identity and bilingualism," it said. "These traits could be seen as indicative of a Slytherin."

Alternatively, the AI says that New Brunswick's "rich history and a strong sense of community" could be seen as aligning with the Hufflepuff house.

As for Nova Scotia, ChatGPT says that the province's "natural beauty, coastal scenery, and friendly people" could be seen as indicative of a Hufflepuff, while its "rich history and cultural heritage" could align with Ravenclaw.

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