A Student Used ChatGPT To Write Their Master's Thesis & People Are Mad They Got Away With It

The debate about ChatGPT is on fire!

The ChatGPT app. Right: A student working at a library.
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The ChatGPT app. Right: A student working at a library.

We’ve all been there: plugging away at the library over a school assignment, daydreaming of an easy out so we can be done with it.

Thanks to the new AI tool, ChatGPT, some students seem to think they've found a solution to that problem, but they don't realize the serious consequences it can have if they get caught.

One desperate master's student thought it was worth the risk and used ChatGPT to write their final thesis, and they apparently got away with the big stunt.

The student confessed what they had done in a now-deleted Reddit post and shared that their final thesis had been flagged for plagiarism, putting their entire master's degree on the line.

In the post the student wrote, “I submitted a 4000-word essay in December, most of it was written with ChatGPT, and I reworded some bits and added, in relevant academic references.”

A Twitter user took a screenshot of the post before it was deleted, sharing the full thread for anyone to see.

“I got an email today stating I have been found in violation of the student conduct of plagiarism, and they returned my assignment stating it was written by a 3rd party tool,” the person wrote on Reddit.

“Wtf do I do, if I get kicked out of university I will be in £30k debt.”

The student then provided multiple updates, stating that they were nervous about an upcoming meeting with school officials.

“I am doing a master's, so this will not be taken lightly. And I received 2 grants to study it,” said one of the updates.

"I'm feeling quite nervous, I have my meeting tomorrow which will have my tutor, head of department and someone else."

People in the comment section completely ripped the student apart for making such a huge mistake.

One user wrote, “don't use a chatbot to write graduate-level papers?” to which another user replied saying, “exactly. And if you do, don't complain about the consequences.”

Another commenter wrote, “I genuinely didn't think I would ever have to say this to anyone lol. Using ChatGPT to help with trivial course assignments? Sure. Using it to make some coding exercises to go faster? Sure. Depending on it for your graduation? Bruh, what the f**k.”

“The part I just find depressing, they got themselves this far in their education, then decided to try and cheat,” wrote another commenter.

Despite all the commenters ripping the student apart for cheating, the student came back to tell everyone they had gotten away with it.

“Sorry guys, been out drinking af. Long story short, I'm good, and they didn’t know I used ChatGPT in the end. I’ll post full details soon,” wrote the student.

The story ends there because soon after that posting, the user deleted the Reddit thread.

One person wrote "that's good" the student had gotten away with it, but many others couldn't disagree more, saying the student should have been penalized for cheating.

Sameen Chaudhry
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