5 Things I Always Buy At Aritzia That Are Totally Worth The Money (& 5 Things I Pass On)

Looking for must-haves? Say no more. 🛍

​An Aritzia store. Right: Katherine Caspersz wearing Aritzia denim.

An Aritzia store. Right: Katherine Caspersz wearing Aritzia denim.

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Aritzia is known for its luxe clothing, but it can be difficult to suss out what's actually worth spending your money on.

As someone who's been shopping at the store for years, I'd like to think I have a pretty good idea of what's worth buying at Aritzia, and which items you can probably pass on.

Some of my must-haves from Aritzia include some of their best-selling items, but also some pieces the store does really well that you might not know of.

While some of the prices might be a little higher than other stores, if you wait for the annual Aritzia sales, you can score a pretty sweet discount.

Before you hit "buy" on your Aritzia shopping cart, check out my five must-haves from the store, and the five items I always pass on.

Things I always buy at Aritzia


Aritzia hands-down has the best denim. Not only do they carry brands like Levi's, Agolde and Citizens of Humanity, but they also have in-house offerings from Sunday Best, Wilfred Free and Denim Forum, which is where I've found some of the best pairs I own.

Prices start at under $50 and go all the way up to $400, depending on the brand and style.

In particular, I'm a big fan of their Joni High Rise Loose jeans from their Denim Forum collection, which just have the perfect '90s, effortlessly-cool fit.

The brand also has prices that fall towards the lower end of the range, coming in at around $60-128 for a pair.


All of my best winter coats have come from Aritzia. From their parkas to their wool coats and their puffer jackets, you really can't go wrong.

Their coats come with warmth ratings, high-quality materials like responsibly-sourced goose down and Italian wool, and extra details — like soft storm cuffs on their puffers — that just make them stand out from other brands.

The Super Puff, in particular, is exactly all it's cracked up to be. I have the Super Puff Shorty and it keeps me so warm, works with every outfit, and feels super luxe.


Say what you want about Aritzia's prices for basics but in my opinion, they're so worth it.

Their long-sleeve tees and leggings, in particular, are must-buys for me. There's just something about Aritzia's quality that stands out a little bit more than their competitors in these products and makes them feel just a bit more elevated and luxurious.

For tees, prices range from as cheap as under $20 to around $60, depending on the style.

Leggings are about the same, with some styles costing just $25 and others coming in at around $70.

I'd recommend the Babton Contour Scoopneck Longsleeve ($48) and the TNA Chill leggings ($25) as places to start.

The scoopneck longsleeve is such an easy item to throw on with anything and can be dressed up or down. Both the top and the leggings also wash and wear super well over time — no need for dry cleaning or hand washing.


In the same vein, Aritzia does really good loungewear, somehow striking the perfect balance of comfort and quality while still looking really chic.

I'm talking everything from sweatpants to hoodies and sweatshirts. In the summer, I live in their sweatshorts; in the winter their crewnecks are super cozy.

Prices are definitely a little higher than what you might spend at other retailers (within a range of about $35-80) but the quality is definitely worth it — especially if you can get the items on sale.

Some of my all-time favs include the TNA Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Zip Hoodie and the Cozy Fleece Boyfriend 5" Sweatshorts.


If you know, you know — Aritzia makes the best socks. Comfy, soft, perfect fit, and they somehow feel just a bit nicer than a pair from your typical department store.

They come in tons of lengths and colours, but their No-Show ankle socks, in particular, have a special place in my heart.

A three-pack of these costs $18 (or $6 per pair) which isn't outrageous, but my tip is to wait for the sales to stock up.

Things I never buy at Aritzia


This may seem like blasphemy to the die-hard lovers of Aritzia's now-viral bodysuits, but I just can't get behind them.

For one thing, I'm just not a bodysuit person. The discomfort of the bodysuit aspect isn't worth the perfect tuck for me.

For another, if I was going to suffer through wearing a bodysuit, there are so many Aritzia dupes out there that are cheaper but look and perform the same way, so I'd probably opt for one of these instead.


While I think it's cool that Aritzia now sells so many different kinds of footwear (it wasn't always this way), most of them just aren't buys for me.

Most of their offerings are by New Balance (strong dad-shoe vibes) and Vans, with some styles from hiking footwear company Merell and Japanese sandal brand Suicoke.

Basically, these just aren't interesting to me (I'm a Nike + Adidas girl, personally).

While Aritzia did recently introduce a collab with Emu that's absolutely adorable, as someone who already has Uggs, it's just not on my radar.

Leather pants

Aritzia has gone viral over the past few years for their leather pants, specifically the Melina pants.

While the Melina pants are lovely, I find the fit is usually off for me in that the pants gape around the waist no matter the size.

The popularity of the pants also meant that a lot of Melina pant dupes have popped over the last couple of years, and some of them are really good.

For that reason, if I'm looking for a pair of straight leather pants like these, I'd probably just get them from Abercrombie or Dynamite, which both make a really great alternative that costs a lot less.


Don't get me wrong — Aritzia makes a great blazer. The brand has so many that are super chic and feel great.

However, I don't think you need to spend more than $100 on a blazer, especially if it's going to be something you're only wearing to work or for more dressy outings.

Brands like H&M and Zara also make really great blazers that cost a lot less and look just as good. That being said, if you want to spend the money to get the Aritzia version, go for it!

Jean jackets

I take a similar stance on jean jackets. Aritzia definitely has some really nice denim jackets, but you can easily get the same look from somewhere else for a lot cheaper.

You don't even need to pay retail for a decent jean jacket in a lot of cases — thrift stores are generally full of them. For that reason, I usually pass on denim jackets at Aritzia.

Katherine Caspersz
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