This TikToker Reviews Popular Aritzia Clothes & Here's What She Says Isn't Worth The Money

"Do not buy this!"

​TikToker Jennifer Wang.

TikToker Jennifer Wang.

If you're looking for Aritzia must-haves, this TikToker could help you figure out what your next buy should be.

TikToker Jennifer Wang is sharing what to buy at Aritzia and what pieces to avoid, and her tips could help you make some decisions — and save a whole lot of money — the next time you're shopping.

Wang, or @wangjenniferr on TikTok, shares shopping tips that viewers can use at popular stores like Aritzia, Zara and Dynamite to find good quality clothing that's actually worth the price tag.

She has several videos on her page dedicated to Aritzia clothing in particular, including which Aritzia coats are the best (and worst) buys from the store.

On her page, Wang explains that her knowledge of fabric and clothing quality comes from her mother, who is a seamstress, and who she describes as a "very smart shopper."

Wang herself sews, and says she knows "the basics of clothing construction, seams [and] fit."

So, here are some of the Aritzia Canada items that Wang says you should definitely avoid, as well as some that are apparently worth the cash.

Avoid: Aritzia Stedman coat


Replying to @nle Aritzia’s Stedman Coat review! It’s the worst wool coat at Aritzia - do not buy this! What should I review next?

In one clip, Wang talks about what she says is the "worst wool coat at Artizia," and why she thinks the item isn't worth its price tag.

"Looking at it on the rack, it's giving Zara," she says in the video. "There's only one button holding this thing together, and there are no buttons on the sleeve."

While she noted that the jacket was made from "mostly wool," she said that the material felt a lot like something you'd get at a cheaper store like Zara.

"I don't know if the wool here is just bad or if Zara's polyester is really good, because they felt the same."

"This is the worst jacket at Aritzia, do not buy this," she ended the video.

Buy: Aritzia Super Puff


Replying to @fanny reviewing the Super Puff, SuperO2 Puff and Super (Re)Puff today! I’ve actually made this video before but remaking it since I’ve learned more about super puffs since then and my opinion has changed ☺️

In another clip, Wang looked at the quality of the popular Aritzia Super Puff.

"Completely unlined, which I'm not a fan of, but at least the seams are bias-finished, so they'll tend to last longer," she says in the video.

She noted that the fabric on the coat is "100% nylon, so it's going to be quite weatherproof."

After making note of some of the features of the coat, including the storm cuffs, removable hood, pocket details, and the fact that the Aritzia puffer jacket comes in multiple colours and styles, Wang mentioned that the Super Puff goes for $225.

"It's not a bad jacket," she says. "But it's not the best I've seen on the market for this price."

In the same clip, however, she did say that she was "really impressed," by Aritzia's Super 2O Puff.

Unlike the Super Puff, the 2O puff is 100% waterproof, and includes some other features that Wang describes as "more premium."

"This jacket's going to keep you very happy in the winter," she says.

Avoid: Aritzia scarves


#stitch with @Business Coach | Mentor 💸 Aritzia scarves: heavily marketed but not built to last, save your coin on this one!

"Aritzia scarves are not worth the money," Wang says in one of her videos.

"I'm talking about the blankets and [...] the classic wool scarves."

She explained that while the blanket scarves are very warm, they "pill so badly."

"They're wool, and they are very warm, but they're not built to last, so I would pass on it," she said.

Buy: Aritzia Author pants


Replying to @ur mom kicking off this series - what I would buy at Aritzia with the author pant ❤️ I prefer these over the effortless pants because they don’t have pleats in the front which add volume to your belly

As for what you should buy at the store, Wang says Aritzia's Author pants are a great alternative to the popular Effortless Pants.

"The fabric is very porous, so it's very breathable, it's very light and airy," she says. "And I love that it does not wrinkle at all."

She notes that pants have neat stitching throughout, which adds to their "premium" feel.

"I prefer these over the Effortless Pants because they don't have pleats in the front, which add volume to your belly," she wrote in the caption of the video.

Avoid: Vegan leather


I’ve got foil on my finger cuz I’m taking off an extension I messed up 😅

In another clip, Wang explained a simple reason she thinks shoppers should avoid buying items labelled as "vegan leather."

"It's so soft and it feels luxe but it's literally made out of plastic," she says in the clip. "It's not breathable, you will sweat, and it's not going to keep its shape."

Buy: Aritzia Slouch Coat


Replying to @user9500361212761 Babaton slouch coat review! It’s a winner! Comment what I should review next 👇

"It's a winner!" Wang captioned her review of Aritzia's Babaton Slouch Coat.

Some of the features she mentions that make the coat worth the money are its thick "weighty" fabric and fully-lined interior, neat stitching and finer details, like reinforced buttons.

"Looking at the fabric, I don't expect this to pill," she says. "It goes for $400, only $50 more than the Wilfred Only Coat, and this is a much better investment."

Avoid: Aritzia Midi Slip Dress


Replying to @pom comment which brand I should review next 👇

"The silky slip dresses are not worth the money," she says in the clip, holding up the Only Midi Slip Dress.

"The material is so thin and so sheer. These go for $118 each — for that price, I want a lining on the inside."

While she does mention that the stitching on the dress is "very even and neat" she says that for $118 she "expects more than just polyester."

Now you know!

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