7 Aritzia Dupes For Spring That Your Wallet Will Definitely Thank You For

You can get the same look for way less at other stores. 🛍

​An Aritzia store. Right: A romper from Garage Clothing.

An Aritzia store. Right: A romper from Garage Clothing.

Spring is just around the corner, and if you're looking for alternatives to some of the new items at Aritzia , we've got you covered.

There are so many great Aritzia dupes to be found online, including alternatives to popular Aritzia dresses, jackets and rompers, and these will cost you a lot less.

If you love shopping at Aritzia Canada but don't always love the prices, check out these dupes for Aritzia clothes that would make perfect additions to your spring wardrobe.

Aritzia cargo pants dupe

\u200bStraight-leg cargo pants.

Straight-leg cargo pants.


Details: Cargo pants are perfect for spring when the warmer weather allows for lighter materials and you don't have to worry about trying to pair them with your winter boots.

These straight-leg cargo pants from Ardene are a much cheaper alternative to Aritzia's TNA Troop Cargo Pants .

The pants feature a similar design, with a button closure, belt loops, side and cargo pockets and are both made from 100% cotton.

While Aritzia's version will set you back by $98, Ardene's come in at less than half the price price at $44.90

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Aritzia dress dupe

Tie knot midi dress.

Tie knot midi dress.


Details: Spring means dresses are back! If you're looking for the perfect everyday dress and had your eye on Aritzia's Saturn Midi Dress , you may want to consider this cheaper option from Ardene.

This tie-knot midi dress from Ardene looks super similar to Aritzia's dress, featuring the same tank-style top, square neckline and wrap front with side tie.

In terms of material, Aritzia's dress is made with 90% viscose and 10% elastane, while Ardene's is made with polyester (95%) and 5% spandex (which is basically the same as elastane).

However, polyester may have its pros, as it's said to be more moisture-wicking and less easy to wrinkle than viscose.

Ardene's dress rings up at $26.90, compared to Aritzia's $78, and even comes in similar colours.

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Aritzia hoodie dupe

\u200bCropped zip-up hoodie.

Cropped zip-up hoodie.


Details: This cropped hoodie from Ardene looks nearly identical to Aritzia's popular Boyfriend Boxy Zip Hoodie .

It features a similar cropped fit, with dropped shoulders and ribbed edging, and comes in similar colours.

The composition of the two hoodies, while similar, varies slightly, with Aritzia's made from a blend of 78% cotton and 22% polyester, while Ardene's 65% polyester and 35% cotton. However, the difference in price may make up for the fact.

Aritzia's hoodie will cost you $80, while Ardene's hoodie is currently on sale for just $24.

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Aritzia shirt jacket dupe

\u200bButton-front shacket.

Button-front shacket.


Details: If you're looking for a lightweight shirt jacket for spring, Dynamite offers a similar option to Aritzia's Ganna Shirt Jacket that's much easier on your wallet.

This button-front shacket from Dynamite is super similar to the lighter-weight version of Aritzia's Ganna Shirt Jacket , featuring a similar button-up design with front pockets and a similar material composition.

Aritzia's jacket is made with 100% polyester, while Dynamite's features a blend of polyester (85%) and rayon (15%).

While Aritzia's costs $198, the Dynamite jacket is just $69.95.

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Aritzia leather jacket dupe

\u200bFaux leather shacket.

Faux leather shacket.


Details: A lightweight leather jacket is a must-have for spring, but you don't necessarily need to spend a ton of money on one.

This faux-leather shacket from Dynamite is a great alternative to Aritzia's faux-leather jackets, like the popular Sunday Best Gabby Shirt Jacket .

Both jackets are made from 100% polyurethane and feature a button-front, shirt collar, and relaxed fit. But while Aritzia's jacket rings up at $168, Dynamite's comes in at nearly half the price, costing $89.95.

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Aritzia Divinity Romper dupe

\u200bMaia Active Romper.

Maia Active Romper.

Garage Clothing

Details: You've likely heard of Aritzia's Divinity Romper , which went viral on TikTok, but did you know you can get the same look for way cheaper?

This romper from Garage looks nearly identical to the Aritzia version, and also features a composition that's basically the same.

Aritzia's romper is made of 82% nylon and 18% elastane, while Garage's is made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which is said to be another term for the same material.

Garage's romper also features similar stitching details and adjustable straps.

While you'll have to fork out $78 for the Aritzia romper, you can pay $49.95 to get the same look at Garage.

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Aritzia tennis dress dupe

\u200bLeah active tennis dress.

Leah active tennis dress.

Garage Clothing

Details: If you're looking for the perfect outfit for hitting the courts this spring, you might have considered Aritzia's tennis dress — however, a cheaper alternative from Garage can get you the same look for much less money.

The retailer's Leah Active Tennis Dress looks a lot like TNA Slick Court Dress by Aritzia, with some notable differences.

While Aritzia's features cross-back straps that aren't adjustable, Garage's dress is more like a tank, with adjustable straps.

Garage's version also comes with shorts, while Aritzia's doesn't, according to reviewers.

The dresses' composition is slightly different; while both feature stretchy materials like spandex and elastane, Aritzia's is made mostly of nylon, while Garage's is mostly polyester.

However, while both materials are good for durability, nylon is said to pill faster than polyester, and may take longer to dry.

Aritzia's dress costs $98; Garage's version, on the other hand, rings up at just $49.95.

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