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Former Aritzia Employees Revealed BTS Secrets & When To Buy Dupes Over The Real Thing

Want to get a mirror in your change room? 👀

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​An Aritzia storefront in Vancouver.

An Aritzia storefront in Vancouver.

If you're a frequent Aritzia shopper, you might think you know all there is to know about the store. Well, who better to prove you wrong than Aritzia employees?

Narcity spoke to two former Aritzia employees — Tyler Palmieri, who also posts videos on TikTok of hacks for shopping at Aritzia, and Alyssa Eng — who shared tips for shopping at the store, some of the brand's best buys, and whether or not they think the "Aritzia dupes" out there are worth it.

The tips come as Aritzia has released its Black Friday "Warm Up Sale," where you can get up to 50% off online and in stores on so many of the brands' coveted products.

Here's a look at some of the insider tips and advice the employees shared.

What's the best part of working at Aritzia?

Tyler: "I love clothes and I found it so fun to meet new people and talk about what clothing they like, or new styles."

"I also got to see the latest clothes while I was at the store, and learned a lot about my personal style."

Alyssa: "The discount is arguably the biggest perk. If you work there, you probably shop there pretty frequently already so the extra 30-50% off (depending on your position) really goes a long way!"

"Be careful though because I found myself spending a lot of my paycheck right back in the store at the end of my shift. The other perk is, meeting a couple of really good friends!"

What do you think are the best buys from Aritzia?

Tyler: "Personally, I believe their jackets are worth the money, like their Super Puffs, and I really like the Babaton Slouch Coat. It's extremely versatile and it's so classy."

"Other items that I think are worth your money is anything that's 100% cotton, 100% merino wool or 100% cashmere."

"The brand Sunday Best is usually really good for staples (I'm obsessed with the Little Ribbed T-Shirt) that are more reasonably priced. I also love the TNA ribbed T-shirt/long-sleeve collection, and I believe they’re only $20-$25."

What are things shoppers do that makes your job easier?

Tyler: "When a customer comes into the store and they know what they’re shopping for, or they can give me more insight into who they are and their lifestyle."

"The clothes and the outfits I recommend will most likely be something that they'd enjoy wearing when I know more about them."

"For example, if you share that you work in an office one day a week, but that the majority of the time you work from home, then I can find suitable clothes for your lifestyle."

What are things shoppers do that can be annoying?

Alyssa: "For the most part, the clients were pretty nice. There were the one-off clients that would try to return something way past the return window, or try on a bunch of clothes and leave the fitting room a mess but, the clients at my location were pretty good!"

Do you have any tips for shopping at Aritzia?


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Tyler: "I think most customers know this, but in store, we have one change room with a mirror — at least, the store I worked at had one change room with a mirror — and if you want to use it, just ask."

"Also, build relationships with Aritzia advisors. If you build a relationship with them, get their cell phone number, you can come in for a private styling appointment, and at those appointments, you might get access to clothes that maybe aren't online yet."

"It's just a better shopping experience," she shares in a TikTok video.

Alyssa: "Aritzia releases four collections per year (one per season) and at the end of each season/beginning of the new one, the last season will go on sale."

"While you won't likely find exactly what you're looking for at the sale, there are a few good finds and a bunch of fun colours, usually! The other sale they have is their Clientele sale, which happens twice a year."

Do you think any of the Aritzia dupes out there are as good as the originals?

Tyler: "For me, if an item is a trend and it's only going to last a few seasons, I don't buy it at Aritzia (I would go somewhere like Zara). But for things like a straight-leg pair of denim, which is always going to be in style, I'll go to Aritzia."

Alyssa: "I hate to say it, but Aritzia quality is often worth the price."

"Certain brands will copy the look of Aritzia's style, but I think a side-by-side comparison would show the price difference. Aritzia is definitely quite pricey, but I've had a hard time finding other brands that live up to the standard."

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