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Have you been wanting to own a home in Toronto and simply can't afford it? Well, it might be time to widen your horizons and look for a house that you can actually buy in other cities in Ontario.

However, don't get your hopes up because the news isn't so great for people in the province compared to the rest of Canada.

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Buying a 20-room house in Ontario for under a million dollars seems damn near impossible these days. But one Toronto-based family managed to leave the city's soaring real estate prices behind and buy a mansion for under $600K, and it's all because of one tiny little detail — it used to be a funeral home.

Just shy of two years after purchasing the old Victorian in Dresden, Ontario, Heather and Arryn Blumberg have transformed it into a gothic dream house. The Blumbergs, along with their two children Noa and Rafferty, have moved right in and the huge undertaking has even landed them their own Discovery+ reality television show called We Bought A Funeral Home.

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If water views, an outdoor bar, and a hot tub sound like your idea of paradise, then this might just be your dream home. Located in the heart of Courtright, Ontario, the property boasts tons of stunning features without a big price tag. It's currently listed at $599,950.

The home was built around 1883, and it still has tons of historic charm. The quaint yellow door, intricate trim around the windows, and brick walls give off a storybook vibe.

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If old-school Taylor Swift and Keith Urban are your playlist ride-or-dies, then chances are this Ontario home will sound appealing to you.

95 Lavinge Road, Corbeil, in Ontario, is a five-bedroom, three-bathroom property that sits on 9 acres of peaceful country green. Basically, you can blast "Wagon Wheel" as loud as you want.

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This Ontario home for sale comes with endless space and costs under $700,000. Located in Sarnia, the abode boasts 17 rooms and is listed at $675,000.

This century house is filled with historic charm, from the stained glass windows to the intricate trim and regal fireplaces. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in total .As you walk up to the home, you'll be greeted with a small front porch and ivy-covered brick walls. The blue shutters add a pop of colour to the exterior.

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