People Are Sharing Their Toronto Housing Dreams If Money Wasn't 'A Thing' & It's Inspiring

"I'd buy the damn castle."

The outside of Casa Loma in Toronto.
Associate Editor

The outside of Casa Loma in Toronto.

Do you have a favourite neighbourhood you'd live in if Toronto housing prices weren't so high? So do many others!

But as the Toronto housing market has been trending dangerously upward for some years now with sky-high prices for most Toronto homes, it's fun to come up with real-estate fantasies where "budget isn't an issue."

Someone posted a question on Reddit asking others, "You are 30 years old, and money isn't a thing. Where are you buying a place in Toronto?" and, for most people's Toronto dream homes, the sky is the limit.

"I’d buy Casa Loma. If money isn’t an issue, I’m buying the damn castle. lol," one person commented.

Another said they'd live at Wychwood Park. "Beautiful oasis, but close to all amenities," they wrote.

Another popular take was Ward Island.

"If the Toronto Island waiting list isn't a thing, Ward's Island. My careless paradise ❤️," they wrote.

Since the waiting list was established in 1994, only 70 homes and leases have been sold on the island.

Though one of the coolest responses might've been, "I’d buy the CN Tower rotating restaurant (is that still a thing?) and make it a 60s-style party pad."

360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower is still very much a thing and one of the more expensive spots to dine in the city.

According to RBC, the price of homes in Toronto has gone down in the last 11 months, including a 0.2 percent decrease in January.

But, this decrease only makes up for a small part of the 57 percent increase that happened during the first two years of the pandemic.

So, for now, dreaming up real-estate fantasies is all we can do.

Rhythm Sachdeva
Associate Editor
Rhythm Sachdeva was an Associate Editor for Narcity Media Group based in Toronto.