A Toronto TikToker Moved To New York City & Says Canadians Are Not On Their 'Radar'

Her friends didn't know Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.

Toronto Associate Editor
Toronto TikToker talking about New York City.

Toronto TikToker talking about New York City.

Toronto and New York City are sometimes considered quite similar in terms of how metropolitan they are. But, moving from one to the other can sometimes be an adjustment.

A TikToker from Toronto, Nicole Brunelle, moved to Manhattan 6 months ago and shared a video about some things she "didn't really expect."

Typically, some adjustments to moving to a place like New York City from Toronto include figuring out their subway lines and routes, knowing how to hail a cab and being in a bustling city. But, the TikToker mentions a whole load of other stuff that she noticed as a Canadian in the city, which did surprise some people.


The differences I never expected

First, the Toronto TikToker explains how Americans call her out on her accent by recognizing she says "sorry" often and "out" differently. Still, recently, she was categorized as Canadian for saying "pardon" to a barista.

Brunelle also mentioned how Canadians use "done" in sentences, which might sound "wrong" to Americans.

"If they're done a coffee, they wouldn't say "I'm done my coffee." That doesn't sound right to them," the TikToker explained. "I don't get how that doesn't sound right. Like I understand that it is a little bit illiterate, but it doesn't sound wrong."

The Torontonian said that her American friends are "horrified" when she speaks like that, which shocks her.

Finally, the TikToker talks about how little Americans know about Canada, which may not be news to many.

She said some of her friends didn't know Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving. They asked her, "what do you guys do for Thanksgiving? Like, do you eat turkey?"

Brunelle justifies their answer by claiming that Canada might not be on their "radar," and it's intriguing because she thinks Canadians are "so interested in America."

People started to chime in and share their thoughts on the American and Canadian relationship by commenting:

  • "I love it when Americans ask me if I know 'Jimmy' in Canada. Because there's only ONE Jimmy in all of Canada."
  • "Girl my husband is American and he thinks in Toronto we live in igloos."
  • "'pardon' 🇨🇦instead of 'WHAT!' 🇺🇸"
  • "My American coworker asked if we celebrate Halloween. And he was dead serious."
So, in other words, the two metropolitan cities may be similar, but they are certainly not the same.
Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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