A TikToker Moved From BC To Toronto A Week Ago & Her Initial Thoughts Are Hella Relatable

"The amount of just endless everything is overwhelming."

Toronto Associate Editor
A TikToker talking about her move from British Columbia to Toronto.

A TikToker talking about her move from British Columbia to Toronto.

Moving from British Columbia to Ontario can feel like travelling to two completely different worlds. Some people love the west and look down on the east, while others think the other way around.

When life gets a bit repetitive and you're looking for a change, one of the moves that Canadians make is to pack their bags and explore life in a different province. TikToker Tessa Conway did precisely that.

Conway told Narcity one of the reasons for her big change was because she "was ready for a new chapter" in her life.

She posted a video showing her followers the move to Toronto and the comment section is so humbling.

"Welcome to Toronto, the city of opportunity✨😊," one person said, while many others just want to be her friend and hang out, showing genuine Torontonian hospitality.

However, Conway posted a video six days after moving to Toronto and her first thoughts are so relatable and all over the place.

"I am freaking out, to be completely honest. I love this city, it is so beautiful, everyone is so kind," she said. "The amount of just endless everything is overwhelming."

"Moving here — I'm not sure how I feel about it, it's a little bit too late for that though," the TikToker added.

"I live here, which just that sentence just doesn't compute. I keep thinking I'm just going to hop on a plane soon," she said — which sounds about right to every Torontonian in the city who feels like they are living in an Airbnb.

The TikToker has always lived in a nature-forward environment, she explained. So one of the struggles she mentioned about adjusting to the city is that it's a "concrete jungle."

Oftentimes, people compare Toronto to New York City or Chicago, also known as concrete jungles. However, according to CBC, in 2020, Toronto was on track to have more skyscrapers than Chicago.

"Toronto could have 157 skyscrapers while Chicago would sit at 145, bringing Canada's largest city to second place in North America after New York's 284 skyscrapers," they reported.

"I'm going to love it here, but I do think B.C. is more my vibe. So, I'm just struggling and it's literally six days in," Conway shared. "I'm very optimistic. I know I'm going to love it here, but I'm feeling weird about it all."

Conway told Narcity that she's "quite certain" that she won't move back to BC in a year, but if Toronto isn't her vibe, the TikToker plans to live in a lot of places in her 20s.

Fellow Torontonians quickly chimed in to tell the TikToker that she would love it here and to wait for the summer, as that's when the vibes do shine.

"There is lots of beauty to find in Toronto too 😊 head to the waterfront, high park, the beaches, etc. Explore some different neighbourhoods," someone advised.

"You don't come to Toronto to find nature. Ya come to dine at the best INTL restos, watch indie bands in divey bars, cool bars… and so much more," another shared.

But there is nature! Let's not forget about all the hikes around the city that make for a perfect getaway.

"Visit the endless huge parks!!!!" a TikToker commented.

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
Mira Nabulsi is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on cheap travel from Toronto and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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