Toronto TikToker Shocked By Boston's Reaction To Snow & Says They Can't 'Last A Day In Canada'

"This is literally like a regular Tuesday for me."

Toronto Associate Editor
A Toronto TikToker in downtown Boston.

A Toronto TikToker in downtown Boston.

Hopefully, Toronto won't be seeing another snowstorm for a while, but recently, a TikToker went to Boston and experienced their version of bad weather and it'll most likely make Canadians laugh.

The Toronto content creator, Tandon, posted a video on TikTok of her experience with a "snowstorm" in Boston, Massachusetts and said, "the snow literally melted on the ground."

Tandon told Narcity that she visited Boston during March break with her family and it snowed on March 14, 2023.


the snow literally melted on the ground 😅 #canadian #bostonmassachusetts

In the video, she explains how many things closed in Boston that day. "I'm from Toronto. So this is literally like a regular Tuesday for me, but most like big places like Quincy Market closed early because of the snowstorm," the TikToker said in the video.

"This is their snowstorm that they're freaking out about, and apparently, like schools were closed because of this," Tandon added.

The TikToker then showed what the snow looked like and there was pretty much nothing on the ground.

"Y'all Americans couldn't last a day in Canada during the winter," the content creator concluded.

However, the snowstorm didn't ruin the family's plans much. Even though their plan A was probably a bust, plan B was lit.

"We were honestly happy cause we got parking no problem, and got a seat at the restaurants that were open right away haha," she told Narcity.

"Damn, even Vancouver doesn't act like that, & that's saying something 😅," someone shared in the video's comment section.

"Montreal, 50 cm snowstorm & schools are still open 😩," another said.

"lmao that's barely a snow sprinkle," a TikToker added.

A few weeks ago, Ontario got the "most impactful" snowstorm of the season and there was up to 30 centimetres of snow in cities in the province.

However, it's worth noting that Boston does get a lot of snow during their winter months. According to Extreme Weather Watch, this year Boston accumuted 11.4 inches of snow compared to 54.6 in 2022. So this might just be a warmer year for the Bostonians.

Aren't you glad spring weather is finally here though?

Mira Nabulsi
Toronto Associate Editor
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