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Vaccine certificates are no longer required in Ontario, but that doesn't mean every establishment is ready to kick them to the curb.

Pomarosa, a Latin coffee shop and restaurant in Toronto's east end, announced their decision to keep vaccine certificates in place on Instagram on Tuesday, and not everyone is happy with the choice.

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You might not need to have your vaccine certificate on hand for too much longer in Ontario.

Premier Doug Ford announced in a press conference on Monday that Ontario is speeding up its reopening timeline and lifting more public health measures as of February 17, and if all goes well, vaccine certificates will be a thing of the past by March 1.

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Although there are no official plans to change the definition of fully vaccinated in Ontario, the head of the province's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table has made a suggestion.

In an interview with CBC News posted on Saturday, January 22, Dr. Peter Jüni called on the provincial government to expand the term "fully vaccinated" to mean someone who has received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, rather than two.

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Ontario's minister of health admitted yesterday that the province may not be able to lift certain COVID-19 restrictions in the next month or so like the government originally planned for.

In October, Ontario laid out a rough timeline for when it could start easing capacity limits and restrictions related to its vaccine certificate program across the province.

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The government of Ontario has hired over 100 new safety inspectors to help enforce the new COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

The inspectors will be tasked with investigating workplaces in construction, industrial and health care settings to educate workers and businesses about providing proof of vaccination.

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