The Head Of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Table Says Fully Vaccinated Should Mean 3 Doses

Dr. Peter Jüni says it's the "next logical thing to do."

The Head Of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Table Says Fully Vaccinated Should Mean 3 Doses

Although there are no official plans to change the definition of fully vaccinated in Ontario, the head of the province's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table has made a suggestion.

In an interview with CBC News posted on Saturday, January 22, Dr. Peter Jüni called on the provincial government to expand the term "fully vaccinated" to mean someone who has received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, rather than two.

"Two doses of the vaccine continued to protect quite well against hospital and ICU admissions, but there's absolutely no relevant protection against infection," he said.

According to Dr. Jüni, changing the definition of fully vaccinated is "the next logical thing to do now with Omicron being dominant."

The federal government has weighed in on this too, with a spokesperson from PHAC sharing with Narcity on December 20 that "at this time, Canada's definition of a fully vaccinated person has not changed," but that it could in the future.

It added that the government "may provide further recommendations on the definition of a fully vaccinated person, if required."

Dr. Jüni's comments come in the wake of Premier Doug Ford's announcement on the loosening of restrictions on Ontario at the end of January.

Starting on January 31, indoor dining will be allowed again at restaurants, bars and other food or drink places, with a 50% capacity limit, after being closed for most of the month due to concerns about the Omicron variant.

"The evidence tells us that the measures we put in place to blunt transmission of Omicron are working," Ford said in the announcement.

The province moved back into a modified version of Step Two on January 5, which saw the shutdown of indoor dining, cinemas, gyms and many other indoor spaces.

In the coming months, Ontario is planning to gradually ease public health measures, which will include eventually getting rid of capacity limits where proof of vaccination is already required.

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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