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Ontario is reportedly seeing about 100,000 to 120,000 new COVID-19 cases every day.

Dr. Peter Jüni, the scientific director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, shared with multiple news outlets like CBC News, CP24, CityNews Toronto, The Toronto Star, and Global News that the province is currently seeing a resurgence of COVID-19.

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If you've ever taken an at-home rapid antigen test before, then you're probably aware of how uncomfortable it is swabbing that long, skinny Q-tip up your nose. The whole rapid testing experience may get a whole lot worse depending on who you ask because, well, apparently the nostrils aren't enough.

Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table published a science brief on February 10 where it added more steps on how to properly use at-home rapid antigen tests.

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While it seems like the COVID-19 pandemic has been a yearslong nightmare we all can't seem to wake up from, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Omicron wave in Ontario, at least.

Narcity spoke with the scientific director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, Dr. Peter Jüni, who shared some insight on the Omicron variant and whether or not the definition of fully vaccinated could still change.

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Although there are no official plans to change the definition of fully vaccinated in Ontario, the head of the province's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table has made a suggestion.

In an interview with CBC News posted on Saturday, January 22, Dr. Peter Jüni called on the provincial government to expand the term "fully vaccinated" to mean someone who has received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, rather than two.

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As Ontario continues its battle with the Omicron variant, with recent gathering limits and capacity restrictions in effect, many have been left wondering what can help us get through this wave quicker.

Narcity spoke with Dr. Peter Jüni, the scientific director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, who offered up some insight on how Ontario can flatten the curve of the highly transmissible Omicron variant and ease the strain on our health care system.

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