Face Masks In Ontario Won't Be Required Forever & Here's When You Can Stop Wearing Them

Premier Doug Ford announced Ontario's long-term plan for COVID-19 in a press conference on Friday and has announced that face masks won't be required forever.

According to a government press release, face masks could no longer be required in indoor settings as of March 28, 2022.

This means that unless you have grown attached to wearing a mask in public, you won't have to wear a face covering when entering indoor public spaces.

Although "recommendations may be released for specific settings, if appropriate."

March 28 is the last date in Ford's long-term plan, and if all goes accordingly, all proof of vaccination restrictions will be lifted as well.

Ontario's Paid Sick Leave Program For COVID-19 Just Got Extended & Here's What It Covers

Eligible residents can get up to $200 a day for any of these reasons.

Good news, Ontario, the provincial government is extending its COVID-19 paid sick leave program once again.

In an announcement posted on December 7, the government said it will extend this program well into the summer months, until July 31, 2022. It was initially set to expire by the end of this year on December 31.

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Well, it's official — the government of Ontario announced today that it will be extending the pause on part of its reopening plan.

In a news release posted on December 7, the provincial government said it won't be lifting capacity limits as originally planned due to rising concerns about the new Omicron variant.

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Ontario’s Vaccine Passport Program May Get Extended Because Of The New Omicron Variant

The Minister of Health says they may have to “reconsider” lifting restrictions.

Ontario's minister of health admitted yesterday that the province may not be able to lift certain COVID-19 restrictions in the next month or so like the government originally planned for.

In October, Ontario laid out a rough timeline for when it could start easing capacity limits and restrictions related to its vaccine certificate program across the province.

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Ontarians Should 'Reconsider' Holiday Plans Due To Growing Concerns Of Omicron Variant

Head of Ontario's science table says people should postpone big gatherings and travel.

Even though the holidays are a time to celebrate, the scientific director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, Dr. Peter Juni, told Narcity that Ontarians should think twice before visiting loved ones this year due to the growing concerns about the new Omicron variant.

"Meet with your closest friends or closest family, and postpone big family gatherings to summer, full stop," Dr. Juni advised. "Reconsider your travel plans. There is no way right now that this won't be a headache. [...] What's coming is a highly transmissible variant that is also evading our immune system partially. We need to deal with that. There is no time right now and no opportunity to pretend it won't come — it will come."

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