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tax benefits

New in town? For newcomers to Canada, there are a bunch of tax benefits and credits that you might be eligible for and you don't even need to have a job yet to receive them.

That means you can be eligible for free money from the government, even if you have just arrived in Canada and don't have any income in the country.

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Alert: this is your last week to complete your taxes in Canada for the 2021 fiscal year!

As you might be aware, the end of April is the deadline to file your taxes. But, if you've left them until the last minute, don't worry! There's still hope for you yet.

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Depending where you living the country, you might qualify for the Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP) program on your taxes and, this year, eligible folks can get even more than previous years.

The CAIP was set up by the Canadian government in an effort to help offset the costs of federal pollution taxes in certain parts of the country.

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