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winter getaway

Winter’s totally underrated. Just because the weather’s chilly and snow blankets everything, that doesn't mean the fun needs to be put on hold. If anything, this is the ideal time for your list of activities to expand (and the icy temps are a convenient excuse for a little adventure).

No one does winter better than the Great White North; this is when Canada’s wild side really comes to life.

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Between having the responsibilities of being an adult and the struggle of waiting for patio season, it’s easy to fall into the routine of daily life (aka ordering in and binge-watching Netflix every. single. night). So if you’re stuck in a rut and daydreaming of your next escape from your daily routine, there’s one place that will definitely switch things up... Las Vegas!

We all know Las Vegas is the destination to go to have a good time. But there’s a lot more to Vegas than casinos, hotels, and nightlife on its famous Strip (seriously)! From mind-blowing restaurants and museums, to scenic natural wonders and tranquil spas, Vegas is the ultimate spot to flee to this season if you want a little excitement (and R&R) in your life.

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During winter in Saskatchewan, it's natural for us to want to escape from the cold weather as much as possible! However, sometimes all we need is a change of scenery, a warm fireplace, and a cozy cottage to spend a weekend at with friends or family. The good news is that you can do that this winter without having to travel too far and spend a ton of money you don't have.

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