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TikTok users are starting to embrace a new trend called "quiet quitting" after two years of working through a pandemic, and it's the perfect idea for anyone who has trouble keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Basically, TikTokers are urging each other to have better boundaries at work, so you stick to your job description and don't burn yourself out by going above and beyond.

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If you're living in Ottawa, you may have some of the best work-life balance there is! According to new data, Ottawa ranks seventh for its work-life balance in 2022, beating out places like Vancouver and Sydney, Australia.

According to data from business and security system developer Kisi, Ottawa scored a total of 95.51 out of 100 on its work-life balance scale. Here's why.

It may be no surprise, but Ottawa was considered one of the best cities in terms of its great outdoors.

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Two cities in Alberta have already been declared as having some of the most affordable housing markets in the world. Now, they've also topped the list for having the best work-life balance in Canada.

The Work / Life Balance Index by holiday search engine Holidu singled out Edmonton as the top city in Canada, followed immediately by its Albertan neighbour Calgary.

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When it comes to striking that perfect work-life balance, it looks like some Canadians would prefer to make a few changes to their current situation.

In a poll released by Ipsos on December 26, the data shows that four in 10 workers would be totally fine with earning 20% less if it meant they could work 20% fewer hours than they currently do.

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If you've had the itch to move and work abroad recently, then we have some excellent news: InterNations Expat Insider 2021 report is here, and they have a list of the best countries to move to for work.

The report provided comprehensive list's for countries that scored well in terms of work-life balance, job security, career satisfaction and then a list that ranked the top countries to work in overall.

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