This Tampa Bakery With Massive 'Freak Shakes' Will Reopen At A New Location This Week

Let the good times roll!
Tampa Bakery Bake 'N Babes Reopens At GenX Tavern Next Week

If you don’t know about Bake'n Babes bakery in Tampa, then that means you’ve been living your life without Freak Shakes, and that's just no life to live! If you’re pining for your favorite wild shake now, or are curious to try your first, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. Tampa Bakery Bake'n Babes has relocated to GenX Tavern, and they reopened this week.

The two Tampa hotspots will be reopening their doors on Thursday, June 18 at GenX's location on 103 E. Jackson St.

Narcity reached out to Bake'n Babes owner Julie Curry for information on what sparked the move.

“We’ve actually been at GenX Tavern since March 23rd when The Hall on Franklin closed,” Curry explained. “We just fell in love with the space and felt like our brands complemented each other.”

GenX Tavern, the ultimate '80s and '90s-themed hangout spot, sports boozy Capri Suns, Dunkaroos, and even retro-themed murals and Super Nintendo games. You'll have to stop by to see how these nostalgic vibes pair with Bake'n Babes' massive milkshakes.

Bake'n Babes' infamous Freak Shakes come in a variety of limited-time flavors that they release on the reg. They're topped with things like giant slices of cake, waffles, sparklers, and pretty much anything your little heart could desire.

They've crafted some pretty unique versions of the sweet sip in the past, including a Lizzo-inspired shake. The "100% that B" even showed up to try it.

While the Freak Shake changes month to month, their BB Signature Shake is available all the time, topped with a vegan brownie stuffed with Oreos and a cookie. They also offer CBD cookies and gummies.

Curry also told Narcity that Bake'n Babes will continue to utilize UberEats delivery at the new GenX space, as well as advance-order carry-out and dine-in services.

She explained that she and Dave Burton, the owner of GenX, have even retrofitted the décor and implemented layout changes to fit the move.

Imagine pairing a mouthwatering Bake'n Babes shake with a good ol' GenX cocktail, sitting down for a playthrough of your favorite old video game, and hanging out with your best childhood buds. Just when you thought the Tampa eats scene couldn’t get better!

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