Some Canadians might be in their feelings about the potential of the virus entering our country after learning that over 300,000 trips were taken across the Canada-U.S. border in July. There were other journeys from overseas too. That's according to Statistic Canada's travel log. 

The government agency said overall travel understandably fell flat due to restrictions on un-necessary galavanting that was enforced on March 21, but it didn't stop altogether.

Voyages to Canada from both the United States and overseas countries dropped by roughly 97% compared to July of 2019.  

Where there were once 7.9 million people jaunting from coast to coast, just hundreds of thousands still fly high. 

However, there were still a lot of trips back and forth.

The short journey across the southern border saw 347,100 people passing through in the month of July alone.

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A lot of those were road trips. 

U.S. residents made around 102,400 car trips to Canada in July, totalling 113,400 trips when you add the 11,000 trips done by plane.

The numbers went up by 11.6% since June. However, the total trips were down 96.9% since July a year earlier.

Canadians aren't off the hook either, residents made 205,400 return trips from the United States by car, however, the total trips also went down, this time by 94% the same month a year earlier.

Meanwhile, travel to Canada from overseas, excluding the U.S., remained massively low in July, falling 97.4% from 1.1 million arrivals last summer to just 28,400 this year.

July saw 2,200 travellers coming into Canada from the U.K., 1,400 from China, and 2,000 from France. 

The year before, there had been anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 trips from each of those places. 

The number of Canadians coming home from trips overseas went down 93.9% compared to last year, from 869,100 in 2019 down to 53,300 in 2020.