'The Mandalorian' Star Emily Swallow On Pedro Pascal's Moment & Her 'The Last Of Us' Hopes

The Armorer unmasked!

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The Armorer played by Emily Swallow in The Book of Boba Fett. Right: Emily Swallow at Star Wars Celebration with her Mandalorian costume.

The Armorer played by Emily Swallow in The Book of Boba Fett. Right: Emily Swallow at Star Wars Celebration with her Mandalorian costume.

Actress Emily Swallow has been blown away by how popular her helmeted Armorer has become in The Mandalorian, even though she doesn't get to show her face in the hit Star Warsseries.

Nevertheless, there's no mistaking her character's distinct voice in the show, especially at the start of Season 3 when she tells hero Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) that he is "no longer a Mandalorian."

Swallow says she had no idea she'd get to this point with the character when she first agreed to an audition back in 2018. In fact, she only had a hint that it was for a Star Wars TV show, and didn't realize she'd be wearing a suit of armour for the role.

“It’s been such a wild journey,” Swallow told Narcity recently, ahead of her appearance at Toronto Comicon.

Fans of the show might know Swallow as the spiky-helmeted, fur-wearing Mandalorian woman with the hammer who makes Mando’s gear in Season 1 of the show. The Armorer also shows up for an episode in The Book Of Boba Fett before making her return to The Mandalorian in Season 3, which sees her involved in some major action moments.

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However, fans of Supernatural will know Swallow well from her turn as Amara on the hit series.

Swallow says she auditioned for “something to do with Star Wars” back in 2018, but she knew almost nothing about it until they gave her the job and called her in for a costume fitting.

“Then they showed me what I’m going to be wearing, and that’s a moment where my mind is blown,” she recalled.

Swallow adds that she would have freaked out if she’d known how big the series would get, but the whole thing really sank in when they called her back for The Book Of Boba Fett.

“That’s where I’ve really started to feel like I’ve gotten to dig in,” she said. “I’m a lot more deeply entrenched in it.”

The actress says she and Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal go way back to the early days of their acting careers in New York, and so it’s been a blast to work with him and see him succeed with The Last Of Us.

“He’s such a warm, friendly presence,” she said. “He’s just got such a great energy, and I’m so happy for everything that he’s doing because he’s just one of those genuine people.”

As for her other famous Mandalorian co-star, Swallow jokes that he’s been slacking off a lot on the press tours.

“Grogu?” she said. “I like to tell everybody about what a diva he is and how we’re all out doing conventions promoting the show and he just refuses.”

She added that she did get to have a fun moment with the adorable "Baby Yoda" puppet back on Valentine’s Day.

“I was stuck on Valentine’s Day shooting with Grogu and not spending Valentine’s Day with my husband, and so I have some pictures of Grogu giving me kisses," she said. "I was sending those to my husband to taunt him."

For her next project, Swallow says she'd love it if the creators of The Last Of Us kept up their tradition of recasting voice actors from the game in the live-action show. Swallow played a villain named Emily in the second game, and she likes the idea of making a comeback in the HBO series.

"I hope they're listening because I think it's a great idea," she said. "Come on guys!"

Swallow plans to put her memorable voice to work on Friday at Toronto Comicon, where she'll be hosting celebrity karaoke for fans in attendance. It's a tradition she says she started with fans of Supernatural, and now she's bringing it to other Fan Expo-related conventions around North America.

"I get up there and I dance like a big ol' idiot," she said. "I'll be your backup dancer if you want me to (...) It's for people whether they are wonderful singers or just very enthusiastic singers, and it should be a good time."

You can catch Swallow at Toronto Comicon which runs from March 17-19, or you can see her in the current season of The Mandalorian on Disney+.

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