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The Woolly Mammoth Could Be Making A Comeback On Earth & Start Roaming The Arctic Again

There is a possibility that the woolly mammoth could once again roam the Earth if a new company gets its way, with a plan that's giving off major Jurassic Park vibes.

Colossal Laboratories & Biosciences, a new advanced genetics and biosciences company, has revealed that its first "de-extinction" project will be to resurrect the woolly mammoth — or, more specifically, a cold-resistant elephant that will have the same core biological traits as the ancient animal.

The goal is to have it walk, look and sound just like a woolly mammoth and have the same habitat: the arctic.

Colossal wants to revive the extinct animal to slow the melting of the arctic permafrost, prevent the emission of greenhouse gases trapped in the permafrost layer, revert forests back into natural arctic grasslands, save modern elephants from extinction and more.

To do this, the company is set to use genetic engineering with DNA from woolly mammoths and modern Asian elephants. DNA from the ancient animals is available because many of them who died were sealed in ice and preserved.

According to Global News, the company is aiming to produce mammoth elephant calves within the next six years and then establish wild populations in North America and northern Eurasia in the future.