Ontario Put Out 2 COVID-19 Ads For Super Bowl Weekend & They're So Hard To Watch (VIDEO)

They'll reportedly be airing during the game today.
Super Bowl Ads By Ontario Will Stop You Hanging Out With Friends This Weekend (VIDEO)
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The government of Ontario has released two Super Bowl ads to stop people from hanging out and spreading COVID-19.

The advertisements, which were released on Friday, are designed to inform people that even small social gatherings can spread the deadly virus. 

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There are two ads, both of which start off with a small number of people hanging out as the phrase, "you may not see the harm here," comes up on the screen.

The ad then cuts to a person getting oxygen in a hospital emergency room and displays the message: "But we see it here."

"Even a small social gathering can spread the deadly COVID-19 virus to someone you love. Until we all get the vaccine, stay home, save lives," a voice says over images of a man in distress.

According to CTV, the advertisements will be airing once during the Super Bowl pre-game show and once in each half of the game, too.

Justin Trudeau released a message today encouraging people not to meet up and have Super Bowl parties with people outside of their households.

Doug Ford made his own video to say the same thing, and he told Ontarians to support local restaurants when they order food for the game. 

Cormac O'Brien
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