11 Things Only Couples Who Live With Their Parents Can Relate To & Is The Free Food Worth It?

"Not under my roof" still applies when you're 24 and engaged.

Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet and partner. Right: Fridge with food.

Morgan Leet and partner. Right: Fridge with food.

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There's a common stereotype about Millennials all moving back in with their parents, and honestly, it's true.

Especially during the pandemic, waves of my friends all shacked up in their childhood bedrooms, as full-grown adults. I was one of those so-called "adults," and my boyfriend and I moved into his mom's house for over a year.

A year might not sound like a long time, but when you have a full-on career, are out of university, and are living with your partner's parents, it sure feels like it. Oh yeah, and we got engaged part way through.

I'm hoping that I'm not the only one out there who's in a couple and decided to put the adulting part of their lives on hold, and can relate to these things.

Although I've moved on, I still think about all that free food, the spotless household, and the comfort of having a parent around.

For all of you out there still asking your mom what's for dinner tonight — this is for you.

The free food is a huge plus

Okay, let me take you to my happy place.

My boyfriend's mom just came home from Costco. I walk into a spotless kitchen and open the fridge. It's all organized, and full of anything my heart desires, including my favourite juice boxes.

Life is good.

When your co-workers ask about your living situation, it's awkward

Nothing like being dropped off at the office happy hour by a parent, because you share a car as well as a house! I worked with people older than me, so felt extra child-like explaining my situation.

You kinda feel like you have the same mom...

When you both live with one parent, or set of parents, you kind of start to feel the parental love on all sides. His mom would do things for me all the time that made me feel like her kid, which was super cute, but also odd.

You have to put a hold on fights until you can escape to the bedroom

There's nothing worse than when you're mid-fight and the parents walk in. You have to paint on a smile, even though you're super annoyed.

Then you kind of have to do this whisper-fight thing once you are alone, just in case they overhear.

Nothing like a family dinner with a side of awkward tension!

If you do fight in the living room, their parent probably won't side with you

Sometimes you just can't help it, and the argument has to be done in front of spectators.

Just know that the person with the parent there has a genetic advantage on who they side with. And no matter what, the family will always pipe in with an opinion.

The free rent doesn't hurt either

The food is great, but there's nothing to pad out your bank account like not having to cough up a grand a month just to live. We literally saved over $12,000, just on rent alone.

You see your partner revert into their 16-year-old self

When people are around their family for too long, they sometimes fall back into old patterns. Whether it's just not acting like a grown adult or being super messy, it's not super attractive.

"Not under my roof" still applies when you're 24 and engaged

Anyone who's moved back in with a parent knows that the ground rules stay the same. Respect is key when you're fully mooching off them.

You think about moving out, then calculate how much rent is and how much you make

It can be tempting to consider moving out on a monthly basis, and then you check the rental prices. Yeah, it was a no for us for a long time, for that reason alone.

The parents clearly love every minute of it (mostly)

From our experience, as much as they complain at times, parents love having kids back around. If it was any longer than a year I'm not so sure, but it was actually a really fun way to all bond.

You keep saying it's temporary, but low-key never want to leave

When it does come time to leave, you'll probably be sad. It's kinda like going off to university all over again, but now you have way more bills.

Chin up all you fellow birds who haven't quite flown the nest yet!

Morgan Leet
Western Canada Editor
Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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