The Heart of Dixie has no shortage of nature escapes. One such trail exists in beautiful Madison County called the Alum Hollow Trail in Alabama. This scenic path sits just southeast of the city of Huntsville and leads to a beautiful waterfall.

As part of the Land Trust’s Green Mountain Nature Preserve, which houses numerous trails for adventurous hikers to explore, Alum Hollow is an easy trek with a big payoff.

As the crown jewel of Green Mountain trail network, this hike provides a perfect getaway from the hustle-and-bustle of Northern Alabama. It is ideal for beginners, with the exception of a steep downhill climb toward the end. However, the climb down will be worth it as Alum Falls, a thunderous, refreshing waterfall that spills into the creek, awaits.

The flow of the waterfall packs a mean punch for its size, rushing down from the mountainside and cascading through the preserve.

The hike isn't the only way to get a glimpse of this natural wonder. You can also get an up-close-and-personal view of the falls on the Ranger Trail, a 1.2-mile jaunt named after the remnants of an actual Ranger Truck that was abandoned there.

For a less challenging time, try the East/West Plateau Trail, a flat hike that starts and ends on the Alum Hollow. It's easier for novice hikers, but the scenery is just as beautiful on the way. 

The Green Mountain Nature Preserve is a true gem that's not far from the city. Like Alum Hollow, several pathways lead to breathtaking views of the numerous streams and waterfalls that populate the park. It's all part of that beautiful Northern Alabama charm.

Alum Hollow Trail

Admission: Free 

Address: 13800 S. Shawdee Rd., Huntsville, AL 

Why should you go: A scenic trail contains a stunning hidden waterfall.


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