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This Award-Winning Whisky Brand Is Changing The Way Canadians Drink & Here's How

Whisky Caesars, blueberry pie and picnic perfection.

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This Award-Winning Whisky Brand Is Changing The Way Canadians Drink & Here's How

Whisky. There’s a good chance that when you hear this centuries-old liquor mentioned, you think of all the rules that come with it. It needs to be served in a special glass, at a special temperature, you can’t add anything to it and — strangest of all — you’re not allowed to drink the "best" ones, like ever.

Understandable, then, that you might say "no, thanks" to whisky most of the time. But what if there was one whisky made with the philosophy that the only rules that matter when it comes to drinking it are your own?

That’s exactly what Canadian-made Gray Jay Whisky is all about. Handcrafted in small batches in Ontario, Gray Jay was voted the 2021 Best New Canadian Whisky by over 18,000 consumers. This award-winning premium whisky even bears the slogan: “Your Whisky. Your Rules.”

If the pretentious vibe of traditional whisky has ever left an unpleasant taste in your mouth, swap it out for Gray Jay — served your way, of course.

Ready to make your own rules? Here are seven ways to enjoy Gray Jay Whisky that will shake up how you see this versatile liquor.

Mix It Up

May Ning | Narcity

Whisky can do so much more than just being sipped neat or with a splash of water. There are countless cocktails, from the simple to the elaborate, that benefit from whisky's rich flavour profile.

If you’re curious to see just how well whisky plays with other ingredients, check out some classic cocktail recipes, like the whisky sour, that have stood the test of time.

Just Desserts

Courtesy of Gray Jay Whisky

Liquor has long been used to add some extra decadence to desserts like trifles, tarts and parfaits.

When baking your next blueberry pie, you can use Gray Jay Whisky to infuse your filling with notes of vanilla and caramel. All you need is a couple of tablespoons to add that special something to your gorgeous pie.

Serve the pie with custard, spiked with (you guessed it) a dash of Gray Jay Whisky, to create a truly memorable dessert.

Perfect For A Picnic

May Ning | Narcity

A pitcher of sweet, fruity and chilled sangria just screams “summer.” Sangria is usually made by soaking fresh fruit in some sort of liquor and then topping it up with wine, juice or soda.

If whisky brings to mind dusty libraries and fireplaces, throw that idea away (unless you’re into that kind of thing). A smooth whisky in the right company can also add that special something to the ultimate summer picnic.

If your city doesn’t allow drinking in parks, keep this one in your backyard.

Refresh An Old Favourite

It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that cocktail recipes are set in stone. In reality, you can break all the rules. Open yourself up to the possibilities by swapping in Gray Jay Whisky for whatever liquor you’d usually use.

Once you’ve had a sip of a Gray Jay Whisky-based bloody Caesar, you’ll never look back. Other drinks to consider trying are the Canadian mule (bye, vodka!), a smokey martini (go home, James Bond) or a creamy Canuck coffee (good morning, Canada).

Host A New Kind Of Tea Party

May Ning | Narcity

An unexpected and wholly refreshing way to enjoy whisky is to whip it up into a green-tea highball. This innovation comes from Japan and features green tea, whisky, maple syrup, lemon and sparkling water.

The second tea-party beverage doesn’t actually use tea, but — in the spirit of Long Island Iced Tea — it contains pretty much everything else. It’s called a Texas Tea, and the only criteria is to also include whisky. This is one dramatic drink to enjoy in moderation.

Invite Gray Jay To Brunch

May Ning | Narcity

Can you even imagine life before brunch? This innovative meal broke rules when it dared to combine the best of both breakfast and lunch. It’s only fitting that the defiant Gray Jay Whisky is welcomed onto your brunch menu too.

You can serve up a whisky mimosa (sparkling wine, juice and a dash of deluxe Canadian whisky), but why not take it a step further? Canadian whisky maple syrup is quite easy to make on the stove and it adds a depth of flavour to the classic condiment — especially once you drizzle it on your rebellious chicken and waffles.

Become Barbeque BFFs

May Ning | Narcity

It would be pretty obvious at this point to recommend a cocktail for your barbeque menu, but there are plenty of other ways to bring whisky to the table this summer.

Whisky sauce, for instance, is a delicious way to add some extra umami and juiciness to your burgers and steaks. You can find thousands of different recipes online, from creamy to peppery and even spicy, but the one thing they all have in common is a generous slug of whisky.

If you’re convinced to give whisky another go, pick up a bottle of Gray Jay and experiment with it. It’s your whisky, after all, so it’s your rules that matter.

Plus, for every case of Gray Jay Whisky sold, a tree will be planted as part of Gray Jay’s partnership with Tree Canada.


To find out more about how to drink whisky your way with Gray Jay, check out their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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