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Massive BC Cabin With A Staircase Right Down To The Water Is Selling For $369k Right Now

It's got a hot tub and lakeside views for life.

If you've been dreaming about gorgeous lakeside homes that are affordable in this day and age, we may have something for you. A massive lake-facing cabin in B.C. is for sale at the moment. If you like amazing views, amenities, and a reasonable price tag, this could be a property worth looking into. 

Cottages are generally known to be small and cozy but this property bucked the trend by being huge and cozy. You don't have to compromise on space for this baby. 

According to the listing, the cabin is situated next to a small village named Burns Lake, which lies in the north-central region of British Columbia. 

The drive from Vancouver is just over eleven hours, so if you're looking to get truly far, far away from the hustle and bustle, this is your destination. 

The 1560-square-foot home will treat you to absolutely exquisite views of Francois Lake.

It's a well-built log home that offers panoramic views overlooking "366 feet of lake frontage," the listing says. 

It's got three bedrooms and two bathrooms. So it's your call if you want an office, a guest room, or even both. 

Sandra Hinchliffe | RE/MAX

The home was constructed in 2006 and is made up of hardwood floors, timber and plank ceilings, and spacious decks that will leave you feeling at one with nature

Complete with a carport, a workshop, a dock, and a quad trail to the lake, the home also has a stunning hot tub on the patio.  

Sandra Hinchliffe | RE/MAX

There is an adorable staircase that leads you straight to the lakeshore, which, by the way, is all private. 

The home's also built with a "specialized style of insulated log construction," so you can forget about being cold while gazing at the lovely views from your window. 

The property will cost you $369,000, and the monthly mortgage amount could be about $1,612.83. 

Sandra Hinchliffe | RE/MAX

Whether you've been looking to splurge on a forever home by a serene lake or you're seeking a sweet second vacation home for your nature escapes, this property should be right up your alley. 

Three Bedroom Cottage By Francois Lake

Price: $369,000

Address: 37791 Driftwood Dr., Burns Lake, BC

Description: A huge, modern lakeside home in B.C. that comes with a sweet price tag and more amenities than you can think of. 

Sandra Hinchliffe | RE/MAX

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