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This Huge House For Sale In PEI Has A Staircase To The Beach & Costs Just $209K (VIDEO)

It's got four bedrooms, two sunrooms and even a "parlour!"

If you thought a mansion beside the beach would be unaffordable, think again. There’s a huge house for sale in P.E.I. that’s got four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two sunrooms and a “parlour,” and it’s on the market for just over $200,000. If that wasn’t enough, it’s even got a staircase that leads directly to the beach!

If you’ve ever dreamed of waking up to the sound of ocean waves crashing, look no further.

Located In Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, this four-bedroom property is a real estate opportunity like no other.

According to the listing, it was built in 1915 by Ship Captain Stephenson, and the “incredible attention to detail” once made it one of the most prestigious homes in the region.

Over 100 years later, the home is still pretty magnificent. It’s got four bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as two sunrooms, a kitchen, a pantry, a formal dining room, living room, laundry room and even a “parlour.”

The history of this home is visible everywhere you look. Upstairs, there’s an old maid's quarters, which has been renovated into a fourth bedroom. 

Outside, you’ll find the old carriage house, which would have once been the storage spot for a horse-drawn carriage.

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The sheer size of this mini-mansion is worth the affordable price tag, and that’s before you consider the jaw-dropping location.

Overlooking Georgetown Harbour, this property is just steps from the waterfront. In fact, it’s even got a staircase leading directly to the beach.

From the windows, you’ll be able to watch nearby fishing vessels coming and going, and you’ll find ocean views from almost every window.

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What’s most surprising about this huge and historic home is the reasonable price tag.

Listed for just $209,000, this place costs 75% less than some inner-city properties, and you’re getting double the bedrooms and a beachside location. 

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If you're looking for a mini-mansion at a reasonable price, P.E.I. is the place to be. The province has so many affordable homes on the market, and they all have incredible locations too!

Mini Mansion & Backyard Beach

Price: $209,000

Address: 20 Water St., Georgetown, PE

Description: This historic four-bedroom home has a beach in the backyard and is super-sized. The best part is, it's surprisingly affordable, too!

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