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Church House For Sale In PEI Has A Backyard Boardwalk Straight To The Beach (PHOTOS)

If you’ve always dreamed of owning a unique yet affordable home, look no further. There’s a house for sale in P.E.I. and it’s pretty extraordinary. Not only is it a former church, there’s even a boardwalk from the backyard to the beach!

Nestled on Price Edward Island’s Cardigan waterfront, there’s a real estate opportunity like no other.

Once a local church, this building has been transformed into a dreamy three-bedroom home, with 2,123 square feet of magnificent living space.

While the church has been converted into a modern home, several original features pay homage to its previous life.

Light streams in from the “charming arched windows,” while the “carved wooden doors” keep the home cozy and private.

The church tower has become an unconventional bedroom, which would be an impressive guest room to share with your family and friends.

If the eccentric interior wasn’t enough, the location of this property will make you want to pack your bags ASAP.

Situated on a private lot just steps from the shore, this place has its very own boardwalk that leads directly to the waterfront.

There, you’ll discover "your very own beach,” where you can spend summer days building sandcastles, sunbathing and swimming in your ocean-sized pool.

Brad Oliver Realty Inc.| RE/MAX

The yard area here is perfect for anybody who loves spending time outside. There’s apple trees, shrubs and a spacious deck, all with the ocean as a backdrop.

The huge, church-inspired windows also maximize the incredible sunset views. Golden hour never looked so good.

Brad Oliver Realty Inc.| RE/MAX

What could be the most surprising thing about this property, however, is the affordable price tag.

This converted church is on the market for just $275,000, which is a quarter of the price of many downtown city properties.

Plus, you're getting a one-of-a-kind home and life-affirming views, here!

Brad Oliver Realty Inc.| RE/MAX

P.E.I. is home to so many glorious waterfront properties, many of which are surprisingly affordable. In fact, you can actually secure a seaside mini-mansion in Spud Island for less than $250,000.

Converted Church & Backyard Boardwalk

Price: $275,000

Address: 260 Annandale Wharf Rd., Cardigan, PE

Description: This heavenly home is not only reasonably priced but a once-in-a-lifetime real estate opportunity. The private beach, backyard boardwalk and tower bedroom truly make this place one of a kind.

Brad Oliver Realty Inc.| RE/MAX

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