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PEI Is Full Of Waterside Mini-Mansions & Some Cost Less Than $250K (PHOTOS)

You won't believe what you can afford beside the beach!
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PEI Is Full Of Waterside Mini-Mansions & Some Cost Less Than $250K (PHOTOS)

For people that reside in Canada’s most expensive cities, buying a waterfront mini-mansion could seem impossible. However, if you’re prepared to move out of the city for the house of your dreams, there’s plenty of extraordinary properties out there. Waterfront homes for sale in P.E.I. cost as little as $250,000, but the views are totally priceless.

Cheap properties can be found anywhere in Canada, but you can definitely get more bang for your buck in certain provinces.

In cities like Toronto and Vancouver, you can expect to pay upwards of $1 million for a basic house or condo, while this kind of money could get you a seriously impressive mansion outside of the downtown region.

However, you don’t have to drop that kind of cash to secure an extraordinary home. In Prince Edward Island, waterside properties are surprisingly affordable, and you could secure a multi-bedroom home for less than $250,000.

From unique church homes to seaside cabins and eight-bedroom mansions, P.E.I. is brimming with inspiring properties at affordable prices. 

The best part is, all of these homes also come with an unbeatable waterside location.

Pack your bags and prepare to leave the city behind, Spud Island is calling your name.

1773 Cape Bear Road

Price: $249,900

Address: 1773 Cape Bear Rd., Murray Harbour, PE

Description: This incredible mini-mansion comes with five bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the ability to expand even further. It's located on Murray Harbour, and your very own sandy waterfront beach is just steps from the front door.

[image 5ef2390b5a32ac426d7ac131]

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58 Water Street

Price: $249,900

Address: 58 Water St., Georgetown, PE

Description: This brightly-coloured property has a whopping eight bedrooms and two bathrooms, which is seriously impressive given the affordable price-tag. If that wasn't enough, it also has outstanding views of the local fishing wharf and harbour. Dreamy!

[image 5ef237ba6301d94267c1c8a9]

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57 Seabreeze Lane

Price: $290,000

Address: 57 Seabreeze Ln., Souris, PE

Description: If the street name alone wasn't enough, the size of this awesome home is sure to win you over. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, this place is massive. Not only that, it's located just moments from Sheep Pond beach. With huge balconies to enjoy the panoramic sea view, this house is a real steal for less than $300,000.

[image 5ef244096301d94267c1c9ae]

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20 Water Street

Price: $209,000

Address: 20 Water St., Georgetown, PE

Description: This grand yellow home is a steal, as it's listed for just $209,000. It needs a little TLC inside, but that's hardly surprising given the price tag. With four bedrooms, two bathrooms and your very own staircase to the beach, it's a priceless location at an affordable price.

[image 5ef23f4f5a32ac426d7ac1be]

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20 Annadale Wharf Road

Price: $275,000

Address: 20 Annadale Wharf Rd., Cardigan, PE

Description: If you've been searching for a truly unique living space, this is for you. Once a church, this heavenly property is now a three bedroom dream-home, and it's already been renovated and decorated to a high standard. If that wasn't enough, it's also got it's own private boardwalk directly to the beach.

[image 5ef24223c645b842838a155f]

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46 Herbrides Lane

Price: $279,000

Address: 46 Herbrides Ln., Kensington, PE

Description: This four-bedroom, three-bathroom home is located in one of P.E.I.'s most popular tourist destinations, and it's not hard to see why it's so busy here. You'll be surrounded by incredible beaches, golf courses, swimming pools and tennis courts, making your whole life feel like a resort-style vacation.

[image 5ef246546301d94267c1c9ea]

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1151 Route 310

Price: $265,000

Address: 1151 Rte 310, Eglington, PE,

Description: This sweet home is deceptively large, and actually has five bedrooms inside. There's also a huge family room and a colossal games room, which both have serious potential. It's got wonderful lakeside views, and the surrounding tall trees will have you feeling lost in nature in no time.

[image 5ef24060b1fbbe427bd3b3cf]

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70 Lobster Lane

Price: $249,000

Address: 70 Lobster Ln., Point Prim, PE

Description: While this place is a little smaller in size, the incredible location makes up for it. Situated on the red sands of Point Prim, it doesn’t get much closer to the waterside than this. For less than $250,000, you can enjoy two bedrooms and panoramic ocean views, as well as high-end, modern decor and ultimate privacy.

[image 5ef25554e061774d27d66d3a]

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131 Nail Pond Shore Road

Price: $269,000

Address: 131 Nail Pond Shore Rd., Tignish, PE

Description: Located just moments from the beach, this property has outstanding views of the nearby ocean. It's described as having a "private beach for miles," and has panoramic views that should be worth millions. You could secure this three bedroom, two bathroom home for less than $270,000, and it's got so much potential to expand.

[image 5ef242c4b1fbbe427bd3b401]

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198 East Bideford Road

Price: $299,900

Address: 198 East Bideford Rd., Prince, PE

Description: While this home is a little more expensive than others, it's still great value for money. For less than $300,000, you'll get five bedrooms as well as a large kitchen and pantry, formal dining room, living room and a sunroom. Located on 20 acres of riverfront, the view isn't too bad either!

[image 5ef2612cc42ddc4c98e5b704]

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4608 Wharf Road

Price: $295,000

Address: 4608 Wharf Rd., Cardigan, PE

Description: This huge, six-bedroom property has so much to offer, and it features idyllic views from all angles. The listing describes the property as a "palace of rustic splendour and endless curbside charm." How could you possibly resist?!

[image 5ef25faf1c64664ce0c3c8f0]

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